[ads][YSL] Dangerous Rouge Nationwide Limited Rain Edition gift sets.

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(All images source credit: 武商广场 | YSL X Rain — “越危险,越诱惑!”Wushang Plaza | YSL X Rain — “The more dangerous, the more temptation!”)

New Rain sponsor Yves Saint Laurent is making 50 special Dangerous Rouge Nationwide Limited Rain Edition gift sets available to 50 lucky Chinese-speaking buyers. Wow.

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Price:5100 yuan (roughly $830. USD, holy cow! But then again, this is luxury fashion house YSL, and look at what all comes in it!)

• Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick (6 colors) 3.8g
• Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lip Glaze (6 colors) 6ml
• Yves Saint Laurent Nail Polish (6 colors) 10ml
• YSL limited edition CD Highlights
• Yves Saint Laurent signature limited edition CD Rain
• Yves Saint Laurent Limited autographed Rain poster

Red lipsticks—from fire engine to pinks to coral oranges—are right up my alley. And with the quality that the YSL brand delivers… hm! If I spoke Chinese and had an extra $800 bucks lying around, I’d be on this like a tick on a hound. You know? It would last me a heck of a long time, and that poster…!

YSL has come out of the corner swinging. They mean business. Every socialite, celeb, and woman who can afford it is going to be snapping this stuff up. A win for Rain.

It all starts from the lips, yo. Big thanks to Scorpiola for sharing this information. 🙂

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~ by Cloud USA on January 11, 2015.

5 Responses to “[ads][YSL] Dangerous Rouge Nationwide Limited Rain Edition gift sets.”

  1. Can’t even look at the model. Our RainRain is so handsome.


  2. It’s nice to see the “authentic” ad pics instead of the “bootleg” copies that popped up online….SMILES. These are so much more lovely.

    Also, I gotta say I do have some YSL lipstick on my bathroom counter as I type this comment…..But “ain’t” no way am I spending $800 bucks on lipsticks for nooobody, not even Bi…..UNLESS he was the one delivering them to me personally. SMILES……….Then we could talk about it.



  3. My,
    My, Our Rain Drop is oh so Handsome. I still say the people that said he was not good looking they are still trying to pick their faces up.

    It would be really nice if we could purchase the posters here in the States,
    I would spend my money, I buy ALL of his CD’ s anyway. OUR RAIN DROP is making the PAPER ($) I Am so very PROUD of him, I know ALL THE CLOUDS
    are also as PROUD.

    The lipstick is very HI in price, I guess that’s why they named it DANGEROUS. LOVING YOU AS ALWAYS G-MA


  4. That color does not suit that model very well.
    Yes, Bi Rain is naturally handsome without any pancake makeup. Those beautiful eyes say “Darling, You Send Me” just like Sam Cooke’s song!!!


  5. Damn I wish I could buy that. 😆 Just for the autographed poster. 😊 He is truly handsome. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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