[results?][actors][DramaFever] Did Rain win his bracket for the Actor Face-Offs?

* Update 1/9/2015: Yes, he did! Way to go, Clouds! Stay tuned for Rain in the semi-finals, coming up soon! 🙂 ^@@^


Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^ 9:20 am EST 1/7/2015


The deadline for voting was extended from January 5 at midnight to January 6 at 5 PM, because the numbers were so close. I just captured this screen shot from DramaFever’s Google+. Out of 3021 votes total, Rain 54% (1629) and Kim Soo Hyun 46% (1392 votes).


BUT THEN, 10 minutes later, two more votes showed up. And then, one of those votes disappeared. And then another one showed up, just now. And another one.

Is this poll not closed?! And if it’s not, why do we think it is? Are these numbers even legit?

What’s up, DF? ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on January 7, 2015.

3 Responses to “[results?][actors][DramaFever] Did Rain win his bracket for the Actor Face-Offs?”

  1. Polls are closed means “Polls are CLOSED.” Get it together and stop stuffing the ballot box!!!!! Is polls still open? I’ve been offline due to illness.


  2. Stop cheating. When the polls are closed don’t allow anymore votes to be counted!


  3. DF is out of hand 😦


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