[guest post][fan art] BiAlamode: The “What If” Zone — Fantasy movies and TV shows, starring Rain.

BiAlamodeLately, my grown and sexy bias Ji Hoon Jung, a.k.a. Rain|Bi|비 (pronounced “bee”), has been on a professional roll.

Fresh from his K-drama “My Lovable Girl” with co-stars Krystal and Kim Myung Soo (a.k.a. L of popular K-Pop group Infinite), gorgeous Rain is on to even bigger things, apparently. His newest movie For Love or Money hit theaters in China two months ago and was a success as well. So, with a hit show and movie on his hands, a new drama being filmed in China right now (“Diamond Lover”), as well as a myriad of promotional appearances on the Asian continent, what’s a poor Cloud over in the West to do? *sigh*

Well, I’ll tell ya what she does. She lets her mind meander over into the “what if” zone.

What’s that, you say? Well, glad you asked. See, it’s that little place you take your mind to when you realize just how badly you want to see your bias in productions on this side of the ocean.

4ed1d20cjw1elayifafunj20m80v0gstYour mind begins to play the “what if” game and very quickly it becomes apparent that what your bias really needs is you. Actually, what he needs is for you to enlist your services as his entertainment agent, that is. I mean hey, why not, right? I’m a ride or die Cloud after all, and very intuitive when it comes to the talents of one Ji Hoon Jung. Personally, I can see several Hollywood productions in my mind’s eye that Rain would have been/would be just perfect for. And then I asked myself, Self, what if he was working over here full time? What if he was a megastar of TV and film stateside? What if I (little ole me) was the one who helped make those choices for him?

So, after letting my mind ponder these extremely important and life altering questions, I thought, Hmm… if I had been the one making those choices, I’d certainly pull no punches, no ma’am, no sir. If I truly had my way, those choices would probably look a little something like this…

I believe I’d start off with a little “something new.” I mean who couldn’t get with a little something new, especially if that something new was Bi, right? Hey, a sista can have her fantasies, can’t she? Yes indeed she can, methinks!



This ↓ ↓ ↓ is about as close as Rain’s lips have been to some “brown sugar” of the human variety, at least on film anyway. So close and yet soooo far. Oh, Mika, Mika… we know how you feel, you got robbed, girl! (By the way, “sugar” = the Southern definition of “kiss”, not to be confused with the granulated variety.)


Besides, Asian ladies have had Rain all to themselves for far too long. It’s high time he shared those honey-dipped kisses with the rest of us girls in the world too, don’tcha think? 🙂 I sure do.

As I continue to let my mind wonder, I’m thinking, Hmm, how about a little supernatural action. I could see it clearly, Rain as a warrior werewolf, beefed up and ripped to the gods. Hero or villain, I don’t really care. As long as I can see his glistening, oiled up form in all its sexy, supernatural glory, I would be one happy camper.


I’ve also gotta admit a little “bad boy” action did come to mind as well. Good girl, gone bad… very, very bad would have been the running theme in my mind had Rain been in this movie. *Hangs head in shame*


A little Men In Black too, oh yes indeed, don’t mind if I do! Will and Rain? Forget it, honey, these two together would be my comedy Dream Team, equal parts sexy and funny, pure box office magic. At least, in my world they would be! Sexy men playing with their guns. Very big guns. Mm-hmm. Have mercy!


Since I’m on a roll now, how about I keep the fantasies coming? What do ya say? Let’s take it to the small screen, shall we?

Seriously, I started thinking, what if Rain was on series television here in the States? How awesome would that be? Thinking about some of my show faves, I couldn’t help but to see honey Bi in several of the shows that I watch weekly.

First up, Suits. I can see it now, sexy Bi as a high powered lawyer, working the hell out of some custom-tailored suits, his specialty International Finance by day, the ladies by night. It would be so new and so fresh to see this beautiful Asian man on U.S. network television kicking butt, taking no prisoners, and making absolutely no apologies for being hotter than hot.


Next up, Scandal. All I can say is have mercy! My fellow “gladiators.” Do. You. Feel. Me?! OMG! Oh, baby! Rain on this show, this show right here?!

(Wait, just wait, let me catch my breath… Ok, ok. I’m good.)

Now, just let me say, we would be guaranteed to see some steamy “McSteaminess” (oh wait, that’s another Shonda show) coming from Rain on this one, baby, believe that. We all know Ee’erybody on Scandal gets to be just that, honey, scandalous with a capital “S”, yes indeed. My mind is practically in spontaneous combustion mode primed to self-destruct at any minute just thinking about the possibilities.


Taking it back to the supernatural realm, I could certainly get with seeing Rain from week to week as a beautiful, blood sucking vampire down in the Big Easy on The Originals. I mean, how can you go wrong with one of the sexiest cities in the U.S. splaying its historical lore as the back drop for some naughty, naughty undead action? Goodness knows, if “purty” Bi was in the undead mix, I wouldn’t mind offering up a little nip of my blood too (just saying).


But even in the world of the supernatural, I could also see Rain as one who would fight for justice for his fellow man as a crime fighting Grimm, vanquishing Wesen, Hexenbiests, and a myriad of other mystical creatures, right alongside his pals “Nick” and “Monroe.”


However, what I’d really love to see is Bi keeping young “Glenn” (a.k.a. Steven Yeun) company on The Walking Dead.

I could see him coming on the scene as a long lost relative reuniting with Glenn. This would be such a cool plot twist, as the main characters continue their sojourn through throngs of walkers whilst still running into the occasional human psychos as well. Along comes Rain, his character full of mystery… Is he friend or foe?

Oh yes, this ensemble show is tailor-made for him. Tailor-made.

(USE) Rain bi (Walking Dead fantasy pic)1-ipiccy TXTjpg

There. Throw in a couple of TV shows, a concert or two or three, and believe me, that’ll make it alllll better. 🙂

In the meantime, we’ll be waiting painfully patiently, but if it’s at all possible, please try not to make us wait too long, Sweetness. There’s only so much a “lonely” Cloud can take.

Until next time…





DISCLAIMER: All pics (with the exception of D. LaShore’s pic) courtesy of the World Wide Web therefore considered to be public domain. All photos depicted herein are FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY. Photo manipulation done by BiAlamode aka D. LaShore, please credit as tagged. All written content contained herein is the property of the author D. LaShore. Please do not duplicate without permission.

~ by Cloud USA on January 7, 2015.

15 Responses to “[guest post][fan art] BiAlamode: The “What If” Zone — Fantasy movies and TV shows, starring Rain.”

  1. I loved the “what if” article, great writing, who knows maybe one day it will come true. I have to admit I rarely turn on the TV since my kdrama addiction started. I would return to watch if Rain was on. I hope in 2015 Hollywood will give us some more Rain surprises. Also loved the edits with the pictures they were so well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Maria. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I have to be honest, we give our DVR quite the workout. SMILES. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to see as many shows as I do. I am also a K-drama addict too. SMILES.


  2. I love your imagination, thanks for sharing BiAlamode

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh. So very cool, BiAlamode. ♥ Great work, girl.

    Although, I did find myself sighing with frustration. Wae oh wae can’t we get him over here?!?! It’s frustrating as heck. SIGH.

    Terri :-}

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love this article!! I wish Rain could do a cameo on the next Star Wars, baby with a lightsaber would be awesome! Rain mentioned in the interview for “Dazed and Confused that he wanted to do a romantic comedy, I’ll be thrilled to see him in a romantic comedy with Jennifer López, these two can be funny as hell! Also, I would love to watch Rain in a series like Once upon a time, he sure looks like a Prince or he could be a villian too, our man can do any character! Thanks BeAlamode for making my imagination soar! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Mari, that’s what I want us to do….take our imaginations to all kinds of places when it comes to Bi’s acting career.

      Dang it, I forgot about “Once Upon A Time.” I do watch it and he would be great in it too. It’s also VERY multicultural as its characters are represented by all peoples no matter their race which is awesome. I also agree about Jennifer Lopez too. They would be extremely funny together. Love it Mari!




    Liked by 1 person

  6. I loved your imagination, I wish we could see them in more movies, he would be good in any role is so beautiful.-

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Adriana. I’m with you. I hope we soon get to see him in more movies as well. SMILES…………


  7. Thank you Forever Loverain. I’m glad you liked it. I remember the moment you’re referring to with his dancer. Although it looked really close, it was only a simulated kiss…..(*gosh darn it*). SMILES.

    Who knows what the future will hold though. SMILES.


  8. his is a really really really cool post! Thamks BiAlamode!

    P.S. I thought I saw him kissing black female dancer at his concert … don’t remember when and where tho

    Liked by 1 person

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