[images] Posts abound: Celebs meet Rain at the 2014 CHIC! Style Awards. (12/9)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Chinese_Idol_logo李立宇 (Li Liyu, also known as ready_k), who might be a contestant on Season 2 of Dragon TV’s Chinese Idol show (which started in September 2014), seemed to have lost his ever-loving mind when he posted pictures of Rain and Li Xiangxiang (the winner of Season 1 of Chinese Idol) at the CHIC! Style Awards on his Weibo.

Bless his heart! Out of his mind with excitement and doggone jealous at the same time.

I don’t blame ya, boo! 🙂 ^@@^ (Images source: RD_李立宇)




Looks like earlier in the month, Li Liyu posted about anxiously awaiting Rain’s Chinese movie debut, For Love or Money. (Image credit: RD_李立宇 @Weibo)


Stylist MJ (who was just here in the Atlanta ‘burbs for a wedding at Château Élan, and getting his party-on in Midtown/Downtown) posted a very cool image of himself, Rain, and someone he considers a sister at the CHIC! Style Awards. Neat filter, dude! ^@@^ (Image credit: stylistmj)


Korean actress Han Chae Young (韩彩英 in Chinese) posted backstage pics on her Weibo, too. Love it. The more, the merrier! 🙂


Singapore actor Christopher Lee (李铭顺) posted a pic of himself with Rain and other CHIC! Style Award participants on his Weibo yesterday.


~ by Cloud USA on December 11, 2014.

One Response to “[images] Posts abound: Celebs meet Rain at the 2014 CHIC! Style Awards. (12/9)”

  1. From the top, my heartbeat in the blue appears COOL! The guy in the mauve coat looks haggard. That’s not a misguided comment–just look at him! Thanks for the update. Cool-Man Rain reigns~


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