[article][克拉恋人] Rain’s new Chinese drama “Diamond Lover” starts filming.

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TofuPost 12/7/2014 — by Wendy

Rain’s new Chinese drama “Diamond Lover” starts filming


Rain’s new drama Diamond Lover (克拉戀人) held its filming launch party last week in Shanghai.

Diamond Lover is described as a large-scale television drama co-produced by China, Taiwan, and Korea. Its cast features many of Asia’s top stars, including: Korean singer Rain, Chinese actress Tiffany Tang, Chinese actor Luo Jin, and up-and-coming Chinese actress Dilraba Dilmurat. Well-known Taiwanese idol drama director Chen Mingzhang will be directing. The drama is financed and produced by DMG Entertainment Group and Eastern Film Investment.

The new drama series was expected to start filming in November, but unknown delays pushed its start date to last week, December 5. Besides Chinese cities Shanghai and Nanjing, the film shoot is expected to carry the cast to cities in Belgium and Korea.

According to a recent photo of a Diamond Lover call sheet, Rain and Tiffany Tang are not yet on-set. It is likely both Rain and Tiffany Tang are caught up with their individual activities. Rain most recently appeared in Guangzhou to kick off the International e-Culture Festival (IEF) on December 5, while Tiffany Tang has been busy filming for another drama The Lost Tomb.

The call sheet also lists the character names for the previously announced actors, as well as actors that have not yet been listed.

It was reported in various media outlets that Rain will be playing a cool-tempered gentleman who is the CEO of an international diamond company. The call sheet now names his character as “Xiao Liang”. Tiffany Tang will play his love interest, “Mi Duo”, Luo Jin as “Lei Yiming”, and Dilraba as “Gao Wen” will form the rest of the love square. Zhang Wen as “Ye Qi” and Yao Yichen as “Lin Ziliang” round out the cast.

Photos from the Diamond Lover filming launch event displayed a banner where it indicates 40 episodes are expected to be filmed for the television drama.

Meanwhile, Rain made headlines last month that he will be receiving nearly US$5.4 million for his role in Diamond Lover. The casting announcement follows a recent surge of popularity for the Asian superstar in China, where he had been promoting his new movie Love or Money with actress Crystal Liu.

Sources: Sina, Weibo, Mwave




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2 Responses to “[article][克拉恋人] Rain’s new Chinese drama “Diamond Lover” starts filming.”

  1. I hope in this drama I can hear his voice not another Chinese actor. we will always wait for his new projects and support him forever. Rain Fighting


  2. Tears…..I am so proud of my oppa. He is a wonderful actor and I wish him all the best.


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