[images][poster ads] MENtholatum Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(720 x 400 / 780 x 480 / 1000 x 1380 / 1000 x 1400) The latest poster ads for MENtholatum Professional Skincare for Men. As they said in their 11/29 post, “Come shop and find Santa Claus!” Ho ho ho! 🙂







Who wouldn’t want to ride public transportation in China? Wahhh. (Images credit: @lovemesome_rain)



~ by Cloud USA on December 3, 2014.

4 Responses to “[images][poster ads] MENtholatum Rain check.”

  1. As always, we see Rain as he is! Tolerant and patient to those around him.


  2. I only translate what Rain’s friend(Kim Kwang Min) said about Rain at 3:40.

    [ “Rain always gives me good advice and he is a supportive friend.

    Not long ago, after the drama ended, While the two of us(Rain,Kim Kwang Min)were talking about the future,drama and having a constructive and meaningful dialogue, we drank at Pojangmachas (covered wagons that sell drinks and foods)
    He(Rain) said to me,” Don’t compromise with the world. just go on your way(keep your way, keep going your way)
    For me, It was the most memorable word of what he said at that time .” ]

    I think ‘Don’t compromise with the world’ his word implies that Don’t compromise with the rough(difficult) world.
    Rain always takes good care of people around him..he is so kind. ^^


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