[images] Rain check. (Whatever happened to the Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival?)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain is scheduled to attend the SBS Music Awards on December 21. Goodness, that means that after the music festival in China the day before, he’s gonna have to hightail it back to Seoul with a quickness! (Images credit: SBS)




Image credit: DC

Image credit: DC

Remember back in August, when Rain did a video message and was supposed to participate in the Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival on the 3rd?

Well, I was too busy to notice back then, but I don’t think that festival ever happened, for whatever reason. (There is a pre-poster, but no images, fan cams, or clips of the event on this blog or our Pinterest.) Anywhos, Runway Media over in China has recently put up a fresh poster and info, with the festival date now December 20.

The 12/20 date has also been put on the old Rain message video from August as well. ^@@^

» Video message LINK: Rain Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Festival 12.20, on Youku.





Rain having a noon meal in Seoul on the 19th, and seemingly not bothered in the least while these pictures are being taken. Which made me go hmmm. All right then, pardner. (I will keep any thoughts that have developed to myself like a good little girl.) 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: kogirls @Weibo)



~ by Cloud USA on November 22, 2014.

4 Responses to “[images] Rain check. (Whatever happened to the Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival?)”

  1. Maybe it has not been decided yet who will appear in SBS Music Awards.

    The PD of SBS Music Awards said, ” The list for SBS Music Awards is fake. we didn’t post the list(didn’t release its list) yet. Don’t be cheated by the fake list.”


  2. Yeah. He looks a bit tired. And unshaven. I swear he must have the patience of a saint to ignore people invading his space like that.

    I mean, good grief. Can’t the guy just grab a bit to eat?

    Terri :-}


  3. Well he must be tired and really really hungry and keep on telling himself ignore~ ignore~ ignore them my cute self!


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