[articles][Koreaboo] Rain officially files charges against netizens who spread fake nude photo.

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2014111921284023884_1Before we get to the Koreaboo writeup…

I’m sure some of you’ve already seen where a digital forensics expert has compared a picture of Rain with the fake photo in question, and has concluded that they are two different men. As we already knew.

The structure of the outer and inner ear is just like a fingerprint in that no two people have the exact same one. Eyebrow pattern is also significant.

Incidentally, the statement that is being quoted by every Korean→English news site and K-Pop site out there—The fact that the eyes are covered in the picture means there is a 90% difference from this particular person—might very well have been translated into English but made little sense to me at first. (There’s always a chance I’m being affected by my Flu medication. Yeah.) I had to think about it for a good minute, but I feel that what they mean is, When you mark out a person’s eyes in a picture, that person immediately looks 90% different from his- or herself.

That must be it. I just tried it on a picture of myself, and lo and behold, if I was being completely objective, the lower half of my face and my forehead could have belonged to someone else! Wow. You learn something new every day.

I also found a scientific article about how the eyes are CRITICAL for facial recognition. Which the netizen already knew, of course. Which is why s/he marked them out, so that the real guy’s altered face would look 90% different from his real face, thus he could be mistaken for just about anyone. Especially Rain in a dimly lit shower at an odd angle.


Go get that “paper”, Rain.

(Personally, I’m a little weirded out by SBS News trying so hard to set the record straight when they’ve been so instrumental in Rain witch hunts in the past. Know what I mean?)

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» Korean article LINK: Nate News, “한밤’ 전문가, 비 나체사진 감식 “귀·눈썹 모양 달라”

Koreaboo 11/16/2014 —

Rain officially files charges against netizens who spread fake nude photo



Rain’s representing attorney, Kim Nam Heung, stated during an interview with Section TV, “On the 13th, through Rain’s agency, we became aware of the vicious rumours that were spreading on the internet and verified that they were all false. We came to the conclusion that the rumours were all ill-natured and filed for Distribution of Falsehood and Defamation of Character.

Attorney Kim Nam Heung continued, “Including the original leaker, an additional 20 to 30 other individuals were charged and sued. If it is revealed that these netizens were intentionally redistributing these false rumours in an attempt to slander Rain, they may be facing up to a maximum of seven years in prison or a fine of 50 million won (approximately $45,442 USD).” ….

Source: Newsen

» You can read this article in its entirety on Koreaboo HERE.


~ by Cloud USA on November 22, 2014.

10 Responses to “[articles][Koreaboo] Rain officially files charges against netizens who spread fake nude photo.”

  1. I hope even the celeb that the nude picture belongs to files a lawsuit. He should as I am sure no one got his permission to post and share his photo.
    It is aggravating that in a period where Rain should be celebrating he has to deal with this too. It does seem to be like a pattern. Like the other article its about time they leave him alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I swear, this has been happening ever since 2007, right before he left JYP. You can practically chart it and set a clock by it.

      Yes, I too hope that the real person sues the hell out of somebody.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. How sad, that we go to such extents to ridicule a person and the media is not better, they always take the lead. Pitiful…GO RAIN, GO RAIN, IT’S RAINING, IT’S RAINING.


  3. I hope every one involved pay hard, either by paying out or going to jail. This makes no sense for them to put out something so false. I mean people are just plain crazy!!!!!!!


    • Crazy for real! It’s like whenever Rain gets good press then shortly thereafter here comes a jacked up scandal…..it’s a pattern. Good press….bad scandal, good press….bad scandal…and so on and so on. Somebody is living their life on Rain’s back….like for real.

      That’s one reason why Rain needs to work in other markets…..new markets where nobody knows him yet. So the “scandals” that have people up in arms in Korea won’t mean a thing in other countries.


      • Yeah, we noticed the pattern too, BiA. Someone is crazy and has been obsessed by Rain for a long time.

        And, Stephe, that SBS report made me itchy too, until I remembered that “My Lovely Girl” was an SBS show. Which means they now suddenly have a vested interested in him. Which means that for awhile (at least until the “My Lovely Girl” sales slow down) he’s golden.

        Did you all know that SBS is connected with Viacom (MTV). Hm. I wonder if that’s good or bad news? I guess we’ll see.

        Terri :-}


        • I don’t think the Viacom (MTV)/SBS connection will be an issue at the moment IMHO. Honestly, what Americans consider scandalous truly depends. Some celebs can have a nude photo out in cyberspace and would get high five’s and thumbs up and others maybe not so much. What’s going on with Bill Cosby….that’s scandalous, what happened with Tiger Woods…that was scandalous, what happened with Kobe Bryant years ago….that was scandalous. When, celebs have a public persona that’s like all American, clean cut and then when things come out that changes the public’s perception of who they are (especially if your career is built around that “clean cut” image) you may have a problem. However, over here in the U.S. it still truly depends. I will say that most of the Korean celeb “scandals” that I’ve read about since following Rain, nobody would even bat an eye at over here. Rain’s “scandal” might get a mention over here as he’s been in some U.S. movies, but most people would be like….huh, what?? They wouldn’t even care.


  4. Oh and Rain…..you go brotha, put that “paperwork” on them. Make them pay….dearly!


  5. This is the weirdest “ish” in the world. The whole damned thing. Some jack ass trying to create a nude scandal, then a forensic expert coming in to prove it’s not him. Just crazy.

    I wish I was a psychologist interviewing these Rain “scandal creators”…..they fascinate the crap out of me, they honestly do, but not in a good way. Never have I seen one person be targeted over and over and over and over. When does it get old?


  6. Serves them right.Rain did not build his Name and Reputation overnight for some nuts to ruin it just like that.


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