[info][露水红颜] The plot of Rain’s Chinese debut movie, For Love or Money.

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Dearest Heidi, we can’t thank you enough for thinking of Rain’s English-speaking fans. You are truly appreciated! 🙂

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The Story of “For Love or Money”

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I hope many clouds will have the opportunity to watch the movie in cinemas. As it is in Mandarin, I hope this post will help you understand better the story line.

The movie is based on a story written by a popular author, but Director Gao Xi Xi said he has changed the content substantially, especially by giving it a happy ending.

Rain (“Xu Cheng Xun”) is the son of a tycoon, but has his own dream of being a painter. He doesn’t want to inherit his family’s business and is contented being a poor artist.

Crystal Liu/Liu Yi Fei (“Xing Lu”) aspired to aristocracy as her grandfather had been a nobleman, but it did not pass down. She was deeply betrayed by the man she loved. She decided she will not love anyone anymore.

Rain and Crystal met in a coffee shop and started their love story.

It turned out that Crystal was being hired by Rain’s mother to seduce her son. She wanted Rain to fall in love with Crystal, but at the end Crystal will leave him because he is poor. She believes this way Rain will return to her and get on with the family business.

Crystal carried out the plan, but in the process she found that she had genuinely fallen in love with Rain. The dilemma is now For Love or Money.

From the trailer it looks like love wins over money. There was a scene where Rain and Crystal were sitting on a bench. Rain was holding an umbrella shielding Crystal from the sun. She seems to be pregnant. 🙂




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3 Responses to “[info][露水红颜] The plot of Rain’s Chinese debut movie, For Love or Money.”

  1. I have to watch this. I did not see it.

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  2. This sounds taken from an English Novel authored by Sidney Sheldon entitled Master of the Game. The book was published back in the late 80’s and was adapted for TV viewing with Harry Hamlin playing out the character of the son of the diamond mogul who wanted his son to inherit the family business.


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