[images][wallpaper] Rain check. (Plus some Random Rain Goodness.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Wow, official 2015 Rain membership cards and goods for Japanese Clouds already? Sweet. Lucky ducks! (Images credit: kumian / Tip: Scorpiola)




Aww! This fan saw a set of Hyun Wook, Se Na, and Dal Bong pottery dolls made by another blogger. A nice way to remember My Lovely Girl. ❤ (Images credit: 娜女生唯爱郑萌萌Rain_oppa @Weibo)



The Prince (2014) is almost sold out at the Walmart in Cedar Hills, Texas. Thanks for the tip, Vicki! (Image credit: Vickie McCollums Edwards @FB)



That lovely RAINY Entertainment promotional picture we saw back in the summer, shared in HD by Top Star News.



 Time for some RRG! (870 x 650. 2006 Wallpaper credit: DC Rain Gall / Source: KhanaKham @ Soompi)




(Eternal Rain cutout image credit: the pearl @Bi’s Kingdom / Soompi)



(Rain on “Family Outing” capture credited as tagged)


~ by Cloud USA on November 15, 2014.

6 Responses to “[images][wallpaper] Rain check. (Plus some Random Rain Goodness.)”

  1. As a Cloud USA, do we have membership cards yet? FYI I need to know! Japanese membership cards looks cool. So what does the USA Cloud membership look like if they exist?


    • Hi, Peachi. 🙂 No, Cloud USA does not have membership cards, and the reason for that is Terri and I want it to be a free, open group, open to all who love and support Rain.

      RAIN Japan (the Japanese Cloud) is an official fan community sanctioned by Rain and RAINY Entertainment, and all of the members there pay membership dues each term/year. Just as Rain’s Official Cloud Fan Community (The Korean Cloud) is an official community also sanctioned by Rain, also with membership dues. Those of us in Cloud USA who have 9th term Cloud cards are also paid-up members of the Korean Cloud.

      Our Cloud USA Mission Page in our homepages explains the Korean Cloud and Cloud USA in more detail.

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Hi, how can I get the membership card and the MY Loveable Girl little figures. The CD , I have all and I mean all. LOVE TO ALL MY CLOUD USA FAMILY LOVE G-MA


  3. How can you can a membership card


  4. Where is The Prince playing in the USA?


    • The Prince is no longer showing in theaters here in the U.S. It was in theaters a few months back. It was also on Video On Demand on several cable TV outlets at the time.

      If you want to see The Prince at the present time, it is available on DVD for purchase online and/or at stores like Walmart and wherever else DVDs are sold.

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