Keep calm, because it’s still raining.


Like the legendary MJ said, “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.” ^@@^ :-}

~ by Cloud USA on November 14, 2014.

9 Responses to “Keep calm, because it’s still raining.”

  1. I like, I like


  2. And Baby boo is so NOT playing…………………………

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  3. You know, when I saw the “photo in question”, my first thought…nice looking guy, nice body. Then you start to search that body for all the little tell-tale Rain signs. This nice looking body didn’t have them, most glaringly I didn’t see the vaccination arm scars.

    However I gotta say, time and again Korean fans and netizens alike get crazy over there behind stuff that we brush off, unless something criminal has taken place. Even if this photo was Rain, why would it matter? Who gives a damn that much really?

    Bottom line, he’s faced adversity before and no doubt this will blow over as well. This is what happens when you’re “too sexy for your shirt” (pun intended). SMILES!

    “Love” you still Sweetness. I can’t speak for others but I’m still a “ride or die” Cloud. SMILES!………………


    • Absolutely. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t and didn’t for one second think it was him when I looked at it because it simply did not look like him, especially the torso. The way his waist goes into his hip and thigh is completely wrong. And I went from there (as well as I could with my eye nearly being put out, but I digress LOL!) ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve all seen Rain completely cut up (Raizo), completely beefed up (Mentholatum), and in between (Back To The Basic). That picture aint it. (Thanks for reminding me about his upper arm marks, BiA.)

      BiA raised a good question. What if it had been him in a moment of privacy? You are nasty and unbalanced as hell if you are the type of person who would put a full frontal of another person (celeb or regular person) ACROSS THE INTERNET and expose their privates to a world of people who don’t even know them, putting their jobs, relationships, and peace of mind at risk. Only a special P.O.S. would do that to somebody for a thrill.

      A smart person with a REAL nude pic of RAIN would have gone to the news outlets and gotten paid. The Korean Media would’ve gladly published it cropped with the eyes not marked out and showing his face to the world. The only fool who would mark out the eyes is a fool who knew it wasn’t Rain in the first place and is trying to make people think it is. Even their fake little “Hope it isn’t [Rain]…” caption gives that away. A liar hoping to start trouble.

      Everybody’s human. I can certainly understand sharing it with your besties and stuff like that. Of course! But what this person has done is mean, disgusting, and downright sh*tty, even more so because it’s not who they’re claiming it is. If you’re going to try to ruin somebody, at least do it with something that’s true and something that’s a crime.

      Even if it was him, he ain’t committing any kind of crime and it’s none of your (or anybody’s) business, nutty-zen.

      Ride Or Die! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Stephe ^@@^

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      • Hey, you got it Sis! It was the arm scars that got my attention right away mainly because the first version of the pic I saw was cropped. However, once I saw the full pic I was still like “Naw, ain’t him.”

        You are spot on about douche bags who spread naked pics of celebs over the internet from their own private moments. This VERY thing has happened to some very well known celebs over here in recent months. Some ***hole hacked into ICloud’s cell phone back up system and got the nude pics of several celebrity females that were taken in these females’ private moments. This person released photos every week over the internet.

        Celebrities didn’t know whose photos this person had until they started hitting the internet. I will only name actresses Megan Good and Gabrielle Union here. I name them ONLY because they both have publicly spoken out about this very major intrusion of privacy and they both, along with their husbands, have taken their cases to the FBI. An investigation is still ongoing as I speak. This situation is widespread and LOTS of celebs got their private photos stolen when this person hacked into ICloud.

        I also bring this up to say even if you take personal “nudies” be careful because these celebs did not lose their phones or have them stolen, a person hacked into the cell phone back up system and took the photos that way. Remember too peeps, even if you delete photos from your phone, if you have ever backed up your phone the photos will still be on a computer server in “computer land” somewhere. Evil, vicious people will always find a way to do damage.

        I felt bad for these celebs because it was mostly women that got exposed over the internet and most of them said hey this was between me and my husband, etc. Even we regular peeps gotta be careful too with that too.

        All I know is I used to have a whole bunch of pics on my phone, but I took them off…saved them elsewhere and now I have less than 50 on my phone….and I don’t back up shit. Mainly, because I don’t do business on my phone nor do I have any apps and extras on it. Bottom line, be careful peeps and try your best to be diligent. Evil is real and it’s out in the world trying to hurt good people.


        • Clarification:

          I had a bunch of “regular” selfies, etc. pics on my phone but still I took all my pics off my phone anyway. I do send pics to hubbie every now and then BUT it’s of my little round face only, that’s it…..SMILES. Social media is a dangerous place.


        • You said it! Don’t even put yourself out there like that. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Rain hasn’t, because he knows better! ^@@^


          • Yeah, he’s a smart one. He would know that when you are a celeb, certain things you just can’t do. I would also say, on a personal level, he does have the right to do whatever he wants in his private time, I just hope for his sake he stays careful about it.


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