[articles][poster] Rain pockets a cool $5.5 million USD to star in his first Chinese TV drama, Diamond Lover.

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Rookie screenwriter Lii小婕 posted this Sina article about Rain’s new Chinese TV drama, tentatively titled Diamond Lover, and the C-drama’s preliminary poster on her Weibo. I found some images of Rain’s new leading lady, award-winning actress Tiffany Tang (a.k.a. Tang Yan) so you all can check her out. She’s 30 years old and has done a lot in TV and film. I’m really excited about this new project! I applaud Rain for being smart and capitalizing on his popularity there while the iron is hot. G’on and get paid, Hoonie!

I hate to say this, but if his homeland won’t show him the love he deserves, there are other countries who will. ^@@^


(Images credit: China Entertainment News)


KPop Herald 11/10/2014 — by By Kim Min-jin

Rain to star in Chinese drama ‘Diamond Lover’


“Rain will participate in the Chinese drama with guarantee of 6 billion won. Due to his popularity and fame in China, Rain was asked to play the part for an unprecedented offer,” an official of the drama production agency was quoted as saying.

» You can read this article in its entirety on KPop Herald HERE.


MWave 11/10/2014 — by Kim JiYeon / Translation Credit : Yeawon Jung

Rain Receives 6 Billion Won to Star in Chinese Drama ‘Diamond Lover’


Singer and actror Rain has chosen the Chinese drama Diamond Lover (tentative) as his next project.

Diamond Lover is a highly-anticipated drama by Chen Ming Zhang, who directed Taiwanese drama Fated to Love You, which was remade in Korea due to its popularity.

In the drama, Rain will be transforming into the CEO of the world’s best diamond company and a typical elite of the society.

Although he is a perfectionist and a gentleman, he is cold and keeps his distance from people, calculating all benefits and losses in everything he does. In the drama, Rain will be acting out a cold man who later finds his true love.

Tang Yan, who will be acting opposite Rain, is a popular Chinese actress who starred in Perfect Couple, Chinese Paladin 3, My Daughter and more.

An affiliate of Rain’s new drama stated, “Rain has confirmed his appearance after getting an exceptional offer, taking into consideration his popularity and star status in China.”

It has been reported that he received over 6 billion won for the drama.

Rain will begin filming Diamond Lover in the beginning of December, traveling in between Shanghai, Nanjing, Belgium and Seoul.

Photo credit: Cube DC

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3 Responses to “[articles][poster] Rain pockets a cool $5.5 million USD to star in his first Chinese TV drama, Diamond Lover.”

  1. I am so happy for Rain!!! I say you go and get that money Rain you deserve it!!!!! I cannot wait to see this drama eng subbed!!!!


  2. LA BELGIQUE !!!
    Mon Dieu , je connaitrai le jours et l’endroit du tournage ( bien sur comme je travail , cela devrait être le week end ) Mais la belgique est juste à côté de la France …….


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