[article] Rain to file a lawsuit regarding rumors of a nude photo.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

*Edited to Add: My goodness. It occurs to me that I was so fixated on “everything else”, I didn’t even get to Rain’s upper arm vaccination scars not being there. LOL! *SMH* And I hope the real guy in the photo sues that nutty-zen, too. ^@@^

rejected-thumbs-down2Well, I’ve seen THE photo, and as far as I’m concerned, this nutty-zen could have at least had the decency to choose a picture that came somewhat close. Simply posting any muscular body and marking out the eyes doesn’t cut it. That is so clearly not Rain, LMAO.

Rain’s muscles, lips, jawline, abs, chest, man-V and hip bones are as unique as his hands. Even the bellybutton is wrong. It looks nothing like him.

Nice try, but no ceee-gar. LOL

The mystery guy’s not bad looking, don’t get me wrong. Not bad looking at all. He’s a’ight. (Is it you, netizen? Or your boyfriend?) However. Rain is well within his rights to sue over this, not only because you’re messing with his and Kim Tae Hee’s money with a lie, but for outright insulting him. You gave him a friggin’ downgrade instead of an upgrade (except for a certain area, perhaps). Just sayin’. 🙂 ^@@^

MWave 11/13/2014 — by Lee Min Ji / Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Rain to File a Lawsuit Regarding Rumors of Nude Photos


Rain will be strongly confronting rumors regarding nude photos.

On November 13, a photo of a nude man began circulating online. The netizen, who spread the picture, explained that it was a nude photo of Rain that was leaked out of Kim Tae Hee′s cellphone. Regarding this, Rain′s agency has stated that it was completely false.

Rain′s legal representative, Kim Nam Hong, told Newsen on November 13, “We′ll be filing a complaint sometime today or tomorrow. This is completely false.”

“We don′t know with what intention it was released. At first, we thought it was something to laugh over, but a surprising number of people actually believed it was Rain. We thought that everyone would dismiss the photos, but it′s actually becoming a problem. It′s a problem because people in Japan and China will also look at it, and many believe it′s from Kim Tae Hee′s cellphone.”

The lawyer continued, “It is a very childish act. We believe that [the netizen] is doing it on purpose to raise credibility. [The netizen] even added, ′I hope it′s not.′ That seems even more malicious to us.”

“If you don′t blur out the eyes in the picture, it′s clear that it′s not Rain, but we′ve come to the conclusion that the eyes were covered up on purpose. The person doesn′t have the skill to photoshop a picture, so [the netizen] cleverly hid the eyes. We were going to overlook the issue at first, but we decided to strongly confront this issue after believing that it was done out of malice.”

Photo Credit: Newsen

~ by Cloud USA on November 13, 2014.

15 Responses to “[article] Rain to file a lawsuit regarding rumors of a nude photo.”

  1. http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LPOD&mid=sec&sid1=&oid=117&aid=0002538626

    the news is about the rumors
    [on Hanbam TV Entertainment Tonight , the expert mentioned that
    the man in the pic(a fake nude pic) is obviously different from Rain’s ears and eyebrows shape.. To conclude, it is not Rain.
    the expert also mentioned that the man’s eyes in the pic were blurred out means that the man is 90% different from the certain person.]

    I think if the man were Rain, they would not blur out the man’s eyes…


  2. I believe all the clouds saying that it wasn’t him. I just want to see the photo and judge it my self., out of curiosity, I want to know why he have the nerve to show his nudity and claim that he was our rain!…….


  3. Hi Clouds

    Je voudrais bien voir la photo pour juger aussi !!
    Comme tous les clouds ici je connais bien le corps de notre Rain !!

    J’aurais aimé me faire un avis *_*

    Mais je suis d’accord , les internautes n’ont pas dirent des choses comme ça sur Rain !!

    Big Kiss of France


  4. Well, I was oblivious to this latest debacle until this morning. I only saw a “cropped” version of the photo in question. It was also pointed out on this photo that it couldn’t possibly be Rain….why you ask? Well……………..
    Listen up “numb***s”…..do I have your attention?…..You sure you’re listening? Ok, here it is…….if you are going to fake like you are Rain in a nude photo you might want to make sure you have the same vaccination scars on your upper arm too…..ya know?…….(*just saying*)
    Ah….details, details….tsk, tsk. Just can’t get good help faking photos these days.

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    • I want to see that “photo” that netizen says and questions its Rain! Let me be the judge.


      • The photo I saw was via Facebook through a Facebook friend’s page. It was not the full nude photo, but CLEARLY the “fake photo poser” in the pic did not have the scars on his arm. Besides, Clouds KNOW Baby Boo’s body almost as much as his girl….at least the parts we are privy to. This person failed to realize Clouds would be all over that BS like white on rice.

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        • What’s weird to me is that there were a few Clouds in Korea who immediately thought it was him and shared it. That is how THE photo got to me in the wee hours of the morning. In a private message. There wasn’t even a question in my mind right away. Or the other person’s, for that matter. We were like, are folks blind or just hard up for a Rain scandal? *sigh* Rain CANNOT get a break! Geez!

          Stephe ^@@^

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          • I saw the entire photo. Make no mistake, the guy is fine but he’s no Rain. Nothing aobut it screamed Rain to me. Rain’s lips, abs and that vaccination mark are legendary. The photo is on asianjunkie by the way.


            • I know, right?? Rain’s hip bones have never looked like that. Dude doesn’t even have his man-V! ^@@^


            • Ok Talitha, I just saw the “whole” photo too (thanks for the tip). I gotta agree. The dude’s got a body….for sure, but it’s not Rain. The arm scars aren’t there and the face although I can see how this dude may favor Bi (everybody in the world’s got a “twin” somewhere so it’s said) it’s just Not Bi. He just doesn’t have Rain’s key features….period.

              People probably spread the photo, number one because deep down
              (1) they want to see Bi naked (*whether they admit it or not*) Or
              (2) some people just want to be malicious and mean keep him mired in a scandal. They want to point fingers and say “see, I knew he was too good to be true.” You know those types of people. The kind that act like they’re in your corner until they’re not. Or
              (3) some people just like the salaciousness of it all. It’s the dark side of human nature.

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        • Yeah, I KNOW Rain’s body from NINJA and other productions BUT I am Detective Peachi747 and I WANTED to check the evidence out for myself, you know what I mean! Don’t burst my bubble!!! Come on lets be Inspector Generals (undercover) in this maliciously jealous act of netizen.


          • We’ve all seen the photo in question Peachi and most of us have come to the conclusion that it is not Rain. Like you, we each saw the “evidence” for ourselves and as Clouds we know Rain’s body pretty well, at least as well as his fans can. Although the guy in the picture has a nice body and favors Rain a bit, personally I don’t think it’s Rain. So for me it’s a dead issue. Heck, even if it was Rain for me it would still be a dead issue. I’d be like…..”Well ok, Rain was getting his sexy on with his girl. He’s an adult, she’s an adult and getting naked is what adults in relationships do”……end of discussion.

            But hey, if you feel you can “uncover” something that the rest of us haven’t already, I say go for it. SMILES………………..


  5. Those netizens are some jealous, malicious “news spreaders!!” Rain had problems with them bad mouthing him and Kim Tae Hee’s relationship then, also. They don’t have a ‘life’ so they mess with positive people in the news like Rain. All I have to say is: “Netizens, Get a LIFE!”

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