[spoilers][bullet points][caps] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episode 16 finale.


Episode 16: FINALE

OMG. Is this really happening? Are we truly at the end? Seems like we just got started good!

•  I’m not surprised at how this epi started off. I had a sneaking suspicion that Se Na would get the heck out of Dodge once she saw Hyun Wook making headway when it came to composing again. The cool thing about it is she didn’t try to fool him into thinking she was leaving because she’d had a change of heart about her feelings for him (a usual well worn K-drama tactic). She made it very clear that she loved him deeply and that she knew he loved her just as deeply, but that distance was the only way they’d survive for the time being. I ain’t mad at ya, Se Na. One thing you’ve always been is a smart cookie. Good call, but a heartbreaker. *sniffle*

(Let me say right here that Rain’s hair has been an amazing work of art during this show. You can’t helping wanting to partake of its radiant magnificence. I’ve always thought it probably has its own separate contract, manager, and agent. That man was born with an awesome mane, let me tell you. If he were a lion, he’d definitely be King of the Forest. Or of the Jungle. Or of the Korean peninsula. Or of wherever.)

•  ROFL! I told y’all. “1 year later.” ROFLMAO! (Awesome. Is Hyun Wook still CEO? Or did CEO Lee survive and come back to AnA? Has A-hole Jae Young managed to hang on to his shirt? Let’s get on to it!)

•  Aw, poor Jae Young. He completely screwed himself because of his hatred and tomfoolery, and still, he’s as sullen and bitter as a 5-year-old at recess. It’s gotta suck to live like that. LMAO~ People like him, in real life, are laughable and of absolutely no use.

•  LOL at Producer Hyun Wook and World Star Shi Woo butting heads over working together. Y’all two are so cute, scowling at each other, haha. Hae Yoon has risen to the presidency now… hmm. I always knew she had it in her if she’d just get her head out of her butt. Good for her.

•  Jesus. Ex-CEO Lee is still alive – and STILL telling Hyun Wook how to live his life, what to do with his house, et cetera, et cetera. Dude, you ever thought of just saying a simple “Hey, how are you today, son?” when you lay eyes on your kid sometimes? Sheesh. What a drag.




•  Don’t bother lying about it, Hyun Wook. You haven’t “forgotten all about” Se Na, not by a long shot. But, I guess if I were you, I’d be saying the same thing if A WHOLE YEAR HAD PASSED and everyone kept bringing up her name like, DAILY. What is it with you people? You didn’t want him with her, y’all bitched every day about it back then, how “just wrong” it was, how the world would be against them. He hasn’t been with her for a year! Why do you continue torturing him? Shut your pie holes.

•   Ahahaha! Hong’s boyfriend ended up as Shi Woo’s manager? Did not see that coming. I underestimated you, dude.

•  How convenient, Hyun Wook’s front door being unlocked. The fact that the house hasn’t been cleaned out by neighborhood thugs yet is unrealistic. Ugh.

•  Yeah, let me stroll into my house and find the door open. The first thing I’d be doing was backing out the way I came and calling the cops to file a report and see if anything is missing, not sitting down and composing a song. If Hyun Wook thought that maybe he’d carelessly left the door open himself, that should have been made clear. (That’s two strikes in rapid succession, screenwriter. You’ve had a good run thus far. Don’t make me come down hard on you now that we’re in the homestretch.)

•  Yeah, Se Na, wouldn’t you feel cold and hurt if Hyun Wook had abandoned you? You’d be furious, and you know it. Your leaving was understandable, I got it, but this is a consequence of leaving him after his life had been about nothing but loss for the past four years. He still loves you, but doesn’t trust you or himself anymore. A sure-fire way of protecting yourself from further hurt is not letting anyone in anymore, even if you have to fib.

•   I knew there had to be a catch for Hong’s boyfriend to be a manager. Shi Woo, tsk tsk! LOL~

•  Alright, Shi Woo. You need to rein in that horse before it writes a check your ass can’t cash. Just because our favorite couple is broken up, don’t think you can be an upstart to Hyun Wook about it. Your feelings will be awfully hurt when your cockiness doesn’t keep them apart. Don’t you watch K-dramas? LOL~

•  Ahaha! Rain’s face, when Hyun Wook was lying sternly over the phone to Se Na about his “missing 100-year-old” pen, strongly reminded me of Young Jae’s face whenever he lied sternly to Han JiEun in Full House. Keke~ (Her hidden delight at being summoned to his house was so cute! Is she wearing the necklace he gave her? 😮 Yippee! She should have found that pen where he hid it, and put it in his face, screenwriter!)

Lee Young Jae lying his butt off on “Full House”…

•  Racoon Hae Yoon and ex-CEO Lee at the door when Hyun Wook has Se Na right where he wants her. Arghhhhhhh! Aigooooooo, just kill me now so I don’t have to suffer this!! 😡

•  Awwwwww. Hyun Wook outed himself to the entire nation. Holy cow, how romantic. Wild horses couldn’t drag Se Na from that train station after that. And when they lay eyes on each other, it was all over but the singing. For good. ❤ ❤ YAY 🙂



Talk about a feel-good ending. Talk about a feel-good drama, without some of the K-melodramatic craziness we’re used to seeing. I enjoyed it so much. Hyun Wook, Se Na, Shi Woo, and Hae Yoon all changed and grew and found success in both life and business. Their transitions were right on. I would like to have seen Shi Woo end up with a happy heart, but I suppose that with his new confidence, that might have come next. The same with Hae Yoon – I was hoping she would begin to see Sung Jin with new eyes and give him a chance. *sigh*

Jackass Jae Young was as stagnant as all get out, didn’t grow at all, and got off damned easy. No satisfaction for me there. If he suffered, I wanted to see him suffer, not have that suffering implied. He probably went on to accept Hae Yoon’s offer, but what’s the point if he’s still an ass? You can say the same of Ex-CEO Lee – you know he went on to create more problems for our favorite couple before realizing he wasn’t going to get anywhere. He probably even refused to go to their wedding. Oh, well. You can’t win them all.

I thought for sure that Supernatural So Eun and ghost pooch Dal Bongie might have a final hoorah, but no. Eh, okay.

Was this K-drama perfect? No. Did I get most of what I was hoping for with this K-drama? Yes. I was looking to recapture some of the things I felt while watching favorite “Full House” but without the lovers hurting each other so much in the process of fighting their feelings. When everyone’s feelings got hurt, I wanted a heroine who remained strong but didn’t turn into a shrew, and a hero who kept his compassion but didn’t turn into a bully and a jerk, which is exactly what I got. Se Na and Hyun Wook exasperated me at times, but at no time did they act out of character, in my honest opinion.

Rain and Krystal, job well done. Really proud of you both. 🙂

I would’ve liked there to be more to the ending, but I didn’t mind what we got because that’s simply what you get with a K-drama, and anyone who watches them knows that. So long as Hyun Wook and Se Na ended up together, alive and intact, in the real world and not in an afterlife, I was good. Just think of the ending we could have gotten… SangDooA Love To KillI’m Sorry, I Love YouKingdom of WindFlames of Desire… Yeah, now, that would have sucked.

rejected-thumbs-down2My only real complaints:

1) Why didn’t they let Hyun Wook sing a little bit while he was composing? File that under Missed Opportunity. 😐

2) It would have been a better idea to have 20 episodes and spend less time or NO time on the subplots you weren’t going to develop or tie up. Like Kang Tae Min and Mrs. CEO Lee — did nothing with that. Ra Eum and the Infinite Power leader (played by Hoya?) treating Shi Woo like garbage — did nothing with that. Ex-CEO Lee’s supposed love child that turned out to not be his love child — glossed over that. The consequences of Jae Young’s villainous betrayals — glossed over that. Sung Jin having a crush on Hae Yoon — did nothing with that. The two AnA staffers secretly dating — did nothing with that!

If these things weren’t going anywhere, why’d you bring them up? You could have used all of that time digging deeper into the real meat of the problem, Hyun Wook being with his dead lover’s sister, and more of the fallout from that. Hyun Wook and Se Na would have been clinging together in quiet, calm misery, while everyone else and the Korean Media spun out of control around them and made life hell.

3) Hyun Wook’s panic attacks and “earworm” problem were completely dropped after the first few episodes. What the heck for? Y’all could have done wonders with that!

4) The pacing could have used a boost. (Refer back to #2.) Terri said this and I agree — The events that happened in those 16 episodes could have happened in only eight.


A few inane things people are saying around the Internet:

“What was with Rain dating his dead girlfriend’s sister? OMG, so lame.” The same thing has happened in about a million-gazillion K-dramas before this one. It’s a well used plot device, so stop pretending it’s so shocking.

“No romantic chemistry between the leads.” If you already had a bias against either Rain or Krystal, you would think that. Which means that they could have jumped through flaming hoops to please you, and you’d still condemn them. So, whatevs.

Krystal’s acting was wooden and horrible. She wasn’t up to Rain’s level at all.” Jesus, folks. The poor girl is just starting her acting career in earnest. She’s barely turned 20. With the added pressure of co-starring with RAIN, I have to give her kudos for managing to pull it off. Everybody has to start off wet behind the ears somewhere. Even Rain did. How could she possibly be on the level with anyone who’s already been acting for 12 years? Geez.

“What was with all the head-holding and one-handed hugs? Where was the passionate kissing? WTF?” R-i-g-h-t. That’s all Rain needed for everyone to then bash him for tongue-kissing and feeling up a girl 12 years his junior. Why do you think they were in his bed fully clothed and their night of love merely implied? Netizens would have tried to ride Rain out of town on a rail. You know I’m telling the truth.

“I could have written better.” Is that why you’re not employed as a screenwriter? Just askin’.

“The worst K-drama I’ve ever watched.” LOL, I doubt it. Stop being so dramatic and think back on all the drivel you’ve watched over the years… See?

“He’ll be a great actor with just a few more lessons.” *speechless* ROFLMAO

“All Rain did was stand around looking grim with his hands straight down by his sides.” That was the character. That’s what Hyun Wook does. He is a rigid, introverted business type whose life has been a living hell for a lot of years. He’s damaged. He’s quiet. You expect him to enter every scene like a party animal, I guess?

Let me also mention that I saw just as many comments by viewers who saw the chemistry plenty and enjoyed Rain’s and Krystal’s performance. Glad of that.

Okay, folks, take the floor if you so desire. What did you think of My Lovable Girl?

(*NOTE: You can be truthful about your feelings in this thread—or any thread on Cloud USA—without fear of being attacked. BUT. No hate speech. No fighting. And no vilifying of Rain or other commenters. Be constructive. We have discussions here, not flame wars. Have at!)

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~ by Cloud USA on November 10, 2014.

11 Responses to “[spoilers][bullet points][caps] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episode 16 finale.”

  1. Hi Stephen’ I have read all of your comments and they were great. I wish too that there were more eps. My Rain Drop and Miss Krystal did great and big sister worked her show with radio. I have watched My Loveable Girl 27 times, I just love it. I would love to say more but I’m on my Kindle and girl it ANIT EASY. I also loved the dog I would love to have him. I purchased the OST and it is wonderful. Well be Blessed with LOVE. G-MA


    • Hi, Frances! 🙂 Awesome that you’re still enjoying My Loveable Girl! Glad that you got the OST, talk about some easy listening music… yes.

      You be Blessed, too, and enjoy 2015. (((HUGS)))

      Stephe ^@@^


  2. Hi there, long time away, I know. We most remember that “She’s so lovable” is a romantic comedy so it must be light, lovely and romantic. This drama was all that and more because it went into the drama pathway a few times, specially at the beginning. Rain was amazing as always, he stay in the cool and matured side just as his character is and Se Na stayed in that path too. She didn’t break down, only when she went to her sister’s memorial place but othewise she stayed in control. She is a young woman but her character went thru a lot and that’s why Se Na can’t be with Shi Woo, he’s too inmatured for her. Krystal and L did a great job, being near Rain who is a powehouse of an actor should’ve being like going to acting school without going to one! Lolll!! I’m sure Krystal, L and the other kids in the drama learned a lot from Rain. The ending was good but I wanted more!! I wanted to see SeNa as a successful songwriter, I wanted a wedding and a cake! Lolll!! But it was a beautiful short ending and the main couple survived so it was cool with me. 🙂

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  3. I loved the drama. I thought Rain and Krystal were great. They showed their love without all the obvious fireworks. It was felt. Made you laugh made you cry. It could have ended a little more “hot” but I don’t think it would have meant anymore than the feelings you got when he looked at her. Melted my heart. The Dan cloud loved it too!! Thanks for your bullets. Spot on to what we were thinking

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  4. Well what can I say that hasn’t already been said. You seem to have covered it all. Yet I will leave my two cents anyway. SMILES.

    What I liked:

    First of all, Rain and Rain. Second, the cinematography of this drama was just awesome. It was very beautiful…visually. Very easy on the eyes. Also, the show’s stylist(s) did a great job as everyone was styled impeccably I felt. I think the show was paced well also. Overall, I enjoyed this drama and to say I enjoyed watching Bi, listening to that deep sexy timbre of his voice is the understatement of the year.

    Now, what I didn’t like (*Don’t worry, just looks like a lot*):

    Even though I feel the drama was good, the story in general was just way too thin. It needed more “meat” to it. The writers saved / delayed / waited (whatever word you want to choose) until the later episodes to really amp up the story. It wasn’t until the last three episodes that you really felt that chemistry (as I stated in another thread) between Bi and Crystal and it was there for sure.

    I am not one of those who thinks she was too young to play opposite him, but I did feel that she needed to be a little more dynamic playing opposite Bi. His screen presence is So strong and at times it felt like Crystal’s presence would shrink next to his. This is one reason I feel like people felt there was no chemistry. I also think that since Bi is both hers and L’s entertainment senior, I could feel a little of that coming from her. Whereas L, seemed to hold his own up against Bi’s awesome presence. Honestly, she seemed more at ease in her scenes with L actually. Theirs seemed a more natural fit. Once again, let me reiterate…..I do not/did not have a problem with her age nor Bi’s age, only her presence opposite his and No he did not “act over” her. This was Crystal needing to come up a bit. She is young and I’m sure she will learn. Otherwise, I really liked Crystal in this drama.

    My favorite scene with two of them was when he was sitting on the steps in front of her house all dejected. She comes to him and gives him “the speech” to get his rear in gear. THAT was her strongest scene with him (to me). There it felt like she was his equal in love AND in acting (to me). I wanted more of the feisty Se Na to come out.

    What annoyed me greatly was how the writers made Hyun Wook feel sorry for being angry with her so quickly after she returned from being gone a year. I was like “damn straight he should be angry” and not for a day either. In real life, it would’ve taken a person weeks, at the very least to no longer be angry at a lover who returns after leaving without any real explanation. This is where the writers could have delved deep and played that angle for a couple extra episodes at least. I could see Hyun Wook being annoyed/angry at her and incredibly stubborn and slow to forgive her, all the while still very much in love and jealous as hell over Shi Woo. By the same token, I could see Se Na turning to Shi Woo more and more as she keeps feeling rejected by Hyun Wook as she tries to woo Him back. This would have beefed up the love triangle even more and given Shi Woo a reason to stake more of a claim and given Hyun Wook a real run for his money. The love triangle needed some more “bite” to it.

    The ending scene is another one that annoyed me. Yes, it ended with them together and I did love that part…BUT, there needed to be more. When you hear a man pour out his heart to you over the airwaves and he runs to find you to stop you from leaving, that’s a man who is desperately/passionately in love girl and the whole “staring at each other in the crowded room” scenario grates on the nerves. You drop that bag and embrace him like your life depends on it girlfriend. There should have also been a “soul stirring” kiss at the end too. Notice I said “soul stirring” Not a sloppy, wet, tongue thrashing, lip smacking kiss. Soul stirring can be Just That with lips pressed tightly together. The idea is when I look at these two people share that passionate embrace and kiss…..as a viewer it would leave no doubt that these two are in love and mean to be together forever. K-dramas are notorious for building up, building up and building up then leaving you feeling limp at the end. The pay off should be some realistic adult passion and NO it does not have to be vulgar nor do the clothes have to come off (although I wouldn’t complain…..*just saying*….SMILES).

    I also agree that the earworm/stress disorder should have been addressed as well. It was significant enough to film, yet no real explanation was given for it. Also, Hyun Wook’s friend said they went to So Eun’s funeral but they were refused entry. A snippet flashback could have been shown of that moment to give the viewer a glimpse of the past and the dynamic between So Eun and Se Na’s mother with Hyun Wook. Oh and another unrealistic scene was asking Sae Joong to come write songs for ANA again after Hyun Wook saw him “begging for his supper.” Are you frickin kidding me? Realistically, there is no way in hell you would hire again someone who tried to wreck your career, your company and essentially ruin your life..no way. I don’t care what your past relationship to him was. He crossed too many hurtful lines with the intent to do real harm. That’s not a person that can be trusted even a little bit….ever.

    Bottom line, way too many Significant things were left out of the story line that needed to be or could have been addressed. This would have been a much better drama had the gaping holes in the story been addressed and the drama extended to 20 or 22 episodes.


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    • Great points well made, BiA. Glad you left your two cents. 🙂

      My favorite Se Na scene was the one you mentioned, her telling Hyun Wook to get his act together on the stoop. Krystal nailed that!

      I absolutely agree about the cinematography.

      Stephe ^@@^

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    • Correction: I meant *Jae Young* not Sae Joong….where the hell did I get that name from? LOL…….

      Oh and forgive me “Krystal” with a K. I’m so used to spelling that name with a “C”…..my bad.

      I was typing this comment at work, with my boss walking past my desk every two frickin minutes. *SMILES* You know how that can be.


  5. Hey Guys,When I saw the last episode. I was sitting steadily with no reaction. I can’t overcome the feeling of something is not right here. So I went for a walk and ask myself “What just happened?” From how I look at it, there was no closure and it feels like there will be a sequel. Hmmm…

    Krystal is so cute and sweet but I have a feeling she got starstruck with Rain. and If I were her I will feel the same and just faint in front of Rain all the time. Rain? well we all know how he gives his 100% to make us all happy, No doubt! and I was very happy and fall in love again and again and again with Rain, Amen?
    I’ve heard somebody stop watching it after epi 4 apparently because she does not like Rain biting his lips. What the H! I say… That is Rain’s mannerism and you can’t take that away from him. I love seeing him doing that and the puppy face and so much more of just being Rain. It upset me when I heard that.
    Also I’m thinking did they not even review the script, story line to have a much better ending?
    Honestly I only watch Korean series if Rain is in it. Even the Running Man I love watching this if Rain is there. At the end of the day I still like My Lovely Girl because I was able to watch Rain again.
    I got the opportunity to enjoy Rain’s looks,his sense of humor,his facial reaction’s, his emotions where I cried with him, the body! (Yes!!!),His gentle kiss (I fainted a lot of times) the passionate and caressing embrace where I wish and hope that it was me and not Krystal.

    So for me I am so thankful that I was entertained by my Rain.
    For a Cloud like me that’s what matters most.
    For bashers? All I can say is “Suck it up buttercup!”
    For Rain, Thank you for a wonderful 16 episodes where we were able to spend time with you. Thank You Rain from the bottom of my heart.

    Stephe and Terri Cheers to my lovely Cloud USA!

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    • Cheers back to you, dear. ^^ 🙂

      I for one would welcome a sequel.

      Honestly, I don’t know how anyone who works with Rain can remember their lines. Goodness.

      “Suck it up buttercup!” I love that. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  6. hi there.. this is my first comment ever, but I always read what you have and I am happy with it.
    every time I watch this drama, I keep remembering what Rain said at the conference that this drama is based on what happened to him in the music and acting industry.
    so love stories of this kind happen all the time in their real life (I guess).
    Anyway I am very satisfied with this drama.

    Liked by 1 person

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