[article] Korean drama exports to China face hurdle.

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Well, this good and truly sucks for the citizens of China.

With the government approving the Korean drama content coming into the country instead of the people, they’ll be lucky to get anything in the same decade it was made, if at all. Why is this friggin’ necessary? People go to their jobs, work hard as hell to pay their bills, and tow the line day in and day out. Can’t they simply enjoy a harmless, feel-good drama without the government sticking its nose in? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Korea Times/Money 11/5/2014 โ€” by Park Si Soo

Korean drama exports to China face hurdle


K-pop singer Rain, left, and Chrystal pose in a promotional poster for the SBS TV drama “My Lovely Girl.” A Chinese broadcaster recently bought transmission rights for the 16-episode drama starring the two K-pop musicians for 3.2 billion won ($2.96 million), or $200,000 per episode. / Korea Times file

The success of Korean TV dramas in China could face a major hurdle as reports indicate the Chinese government plans to regulate drama imports and tighten pre-screening censorship.According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Beijing will soon unveil new regulations on foreign dramas available on Chinese video-streaming websites.The full details of the rules are still unknown, but the news outlet reported that a cap will likely be put on the number of foreign dramas imported into China each year, as well as making pre-release censorship more stringent.Should these rules come into being, the number of foreign dramas imported into China is expected to fall by 70 percent.

The Chinese daily added that the “Sept. 3 notice on strengthening of supervision on foreign dramas available on the Internet” was a warning of the upcoming regulations.

In early September, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that China’s top broadcasting regulator said it must approve all foreign television shows before they can be posted on Chinese video-streaming sites. In addition, sites must pull all unapproved content by early next year.

The U.S. daily added that the censorship standard for streaming foreign shows will be based on rules already applied to TV programming. Existing TV rules dictate that whole seasons of shows must be reviewed by censors before any episodes can air.

Chinese video sites have so far depended on self-censoring of content, according to the WSJ.

Pre-screening would likely mean Chinese audiences will have to wait to see new episodes of shows like the Korean hit drama “My Love from the Star,” which often appears online with Chinese subtitles one day after airing here ใ…ก and sometimes even simultaneously without the subtitles.

Korea’s drama exports into China reached $161.5 million in 2012, and experts believe this number grew again last year amid the increasing popularity of Korean pop culture across Asia. China is one of the biggest importers of Korean dramas, according to the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning.

In September, a Chinese broadcaster purchased the transmission rights of SBS TV’s 16-episode drama “My Lovely Girl” ใ…ก starring K-pop musician Rain and Crystal ใ…ก for 3.2 billion won ($2.96 million) or $200,000 per episode, the highest ever for a Korean drama sold to the neighboring country.

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3 Responses to “[article] Korean drama exports to China face hurdle.”

  1. I have to laugh. If the Chinese government needs to check the content of this harmless drama, can you imagine them trying to review our TV shows. Shows like “Scandal” and “How to Get Away With Murder” probably won’t seen the light of day in China.

    But you don’t know whatcha missing China. Those are two awesomely bad ass TV dramas by writer/creator extraordinaire Ms. Shonda Rimes. Shonda “owns” Thursday nights here. A woman of color with some MAJOR power in Hollywood right about now. (*Just Saying*)


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  2. It is interesting that Japan and China wants “My Lovable Girl.” Where does the USA stand? I’d like to see this beautiful movie on screens in America as soon as possible!!


    • “My Lovable Girl” is a TV drama not a movie. Since we can see it in the U.S. via internet sites like Dramafever.com, Viki.com and Soompi TV, I think that’s all the U.S. will get regarding the K-dramas.

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