[spoilers][bullet points][caps] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episodes 14 & 15.


(Caps by Cloud USA and RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)

 Episode 14

•  Shi Woo, Shi Woo. Honey, I know you’re trying to help, but… don’t ask questions you don’t really want the answer to. Just sayin’.

•  Hang in there, Se Na. We know you want him, girl! You’ve got Hyun Wook on the brain and he ain’t coming out of your brain any time soon…

•  Oooooh, Hyun Wook… you’re so jealous, bless your heart.

•  Hae Yoon, does every question that comes out of your mouth have to be so stupid?

•  Hmm, Mrs. President Lee and Director Jang make a right nice couple! (I’m pulling for them, in case you can’t tell)

•  Good lawd, he’s in Self-punishment Mode again. Hyun Wook – I’m going to CHOKE YOU OUT if you don’t start opening up your mouth and talking when an explanation is needed from you. I know you’re in a tremendous amount of pain. I know you feel that you deserve that pain and more. But dude, you’ve only got one life and you need to start fighting for what will make you happy! You could have accidentally died at any point during the past three years that you spent in solitary confinement. But you didn’t. Instead, you have a second chance at life with someone you love. It may not work out. Se Na might never be yours. But if you don’t fight for her, you’ll never know! (Where is Supernatural So Eun when I need her?)

•  Go, Shi Woo! Top of the charts!

•  I don’t know how you “didn’t know things would blow up like this” by saying what you did on the radio, Shi Woo. You’ve been a celeb for a good minute. When you clip your toenails, the Media goes into a frenzy. That excuse is lame. Just say you didn’t care that it would blow up because you were marking your territory in front of Hyun Wook and be done with it. (I have to admire you, though, for speaking from your heart no matter what!)

•  How sweet of racoon Hae Yoon to be all concerned about Hyun Wook’s heartbreak these days. “Will you be okay seeing Se Na and Shi Woo together?” “I thought it important for you to know what we’re going to do, because of your feelings.” Heifer, puh-leeze. The second a door opens for Hyun Wook and Se Na to possibly be together again, you will revert back to Suicide Mode so fast everybody’s head will be spinning. LMAO

•  Wahhhh, that long dark coat looks awfully good on Rain… Yussssss.

•  That’s right! Threaten to sue their asses, Hyun Wook! (And by covering her with your coat, you got to touch Se Na again after a long, dry spell. Smart guy! Keke~)



•  You know what the really enjoyable thing about this drama is for me? Se Na and Hyun Wook are in a horrible place, in love but angry and betrayed and not speaking, yet there hasn’t been one truly hurtful, sniping, yelling, over the top “I’m going to hurt you because I’m hurting” exchange between them like in other K-dramas. Their quiet misery and attempts to avoid hurting each other is a breath of fresh air. Makes me want them together more and MORE.

•  For once, I wasn’t wanting Sung Jin to close his flippin’ mouth, not with Se Na at the table with him. And he came through for me, like a champ. Thanks, dude! *satisfied*

•  Dal Bongie with an IV drip made me cry. He and Supernatural So Eun are both working on our behalf, but I don’t want him to have to DIE to bring my couple together… ㅜ.ㅜ

•  Last night? Let’s bring him to the ocean? I do not want to watch this.

•  I have to give this scriptwriter kudos for a magnificent job. They really got me. When Dal Bongie lay his head down on the sand, I knew that was it. I know it’s just a K-drama, but I am crushed. And when Se Na came up the stairs in that big doggie head again, I just bawled like a baby. Such a precious scene. It’s like I really lost a pet I loved. Hyun Wook and Se Na are emotionally together again, but at what cost. ㅜ_ㅜ

I can’t make myself watch Episode 15 right now. Maybe later. Or tomorrow.


Episode 15

Whew. Mercy, that was hard. Epi 14 destroyed me. I had to take a break, eat an ice cream sandwich, drink a Strongbow, watch some Luche Libre, draft some CUSA blog posts, calm the heck down and man up.

I’m back! …only to find that Epi 15 is NOT on DramaFever. What the heck? It’s on Viki. It’s on SOOMPI TV. How can DF not have it yet? An act of God must have happened, you know, one of those uncontrollable situations they couldn’t avoid. I ain’t mad at ’em. But I am off to SOOMPI TV, for the time being. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

•  Oh, gosh… the way Hyun Wook looks at Se Na as she’s making him something warm to drink… ♥ “I’ll have to be here all night if you don’t go to sleep.” Girl, that’ll make him want to NOT sleep. LOL~

•  Don’t worry, Se Na. Your eonni completely understands why you love the Mister. 🙂

•  They can’t let each other go. *squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!* Saddle up, because it’s gonna get rough, kiddies.

•  What’s changed in the last few days? Nothing, Shi Woo, with your dimples from heaven.^^ Se Na may not have been “with” Hyun Wook, but she still loved him to death. That hasn’t changed the whole time and you know that.

•  Hmph. I’ll believe Hae Yoon is over Hyun Wook only if she doesn’t go to DEFCON 1 when she finds out he and Se Na are back together.

•  Holy smokes. The prez just shows up while our favorite couple is having some nice quality time. It’s a bit too late for you to be acting like a concerned father now, sir. Go home and worry about your wife. *sigh* Well, at least it’s not Hae Yoon at the door. And the sh!t’s gotta hit the fan sometime. (I can’t believe the sh!t didn’t hit the fan!)

•  Uh-oh. Shi Woo is seriously “strategizing” for love! (good luck with that, though, just sayin’)

•  What? Hae Yoon didn’t go DEFCON 1? *stunned as all get out*

•  You couldn’t see your son because you were (and still are) an A-hole, President Lee. So Eun is just your excuse. You know, I could almost forgive you for torturing your son if you’d at least led a decent life yourself. But you fostered a bad reputation, whether you really were or not. So who are you to tell anyone how to live?

•  Se Na! You talked yourself into Hyun Wook’s house? You’re so stubborn, I love you! Are you trying to get him to write songs again? Is that your plan? Aww. ♥

•  Hyun Wook is such an angel when he sleeps.

•  I almost wish Shi Woo’s love wasn’t unrequited and he loved someone else, with his cute self. His smile is precious and I do hate to see him sad.

•  *gasp* At first I didn’t realize what I was seeing. But then I blinked, and stared at our precious couple all cozy-like (but innocently) in Hyun Wook’s BED. It didn’t matter that they were only talking. Christmas has come early for The Stephe! Woot!


•  That Se Na, she truly is a special, lovely girl. Just by believing in both Hyun Wook and Shi Woo, she’s gotten both men to finally believe in themselves. Shi Woo’s solo career is off and running, and Hyun Wook has played music again. Ahh. Be still my heart.

•  Poor, disgusting Jae Young was looking mighty nervous and worse for wear this epi. What’s wrong, dude, about to lose your shirt? LMAO~

Gosh, I loved Epi 15. I really did. The comedic relief provided by Joo Hong and her man, Se Na and Hyun Wook, and Shi Woo had me laughing out loud.

One more episode, y’all. Tonight’s #16, the finale! From the looks of things, it’s going to be a doozy.

Are you ready?

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~ by Cloud USA on November 6, 2014.

10 Responses to “[spoilers][bullet points][caps] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episodes 14 & 15.”

  1. I just had to comment on this thread. Ladies I’VE been wondering when do women past a certain age cease to be sensual or have desires? We live in a society that insists after a certain age women are not sexy or sensual. In reality we women are passionate, sensual, and still full of life.
    Rain is an attractive virile young man who knows how to project that quality in his acting and entertainment. I would even go so far as to say he pushed the limits a bit, especially in the early part of his career. So for those of you ladies who are older God bless you all! Make no apologies for having hormones.
    “Chemistry in “yo” face…….BAM! There’s a whole LOT I could say, but the first thing is that Bi is DEADLY to the female hormones. Good LAWD!”
    BiA you summed it up quite nicely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You said that just right, anonymous! In reality, we are indeed very passionate, and sexy, and of great value to society, with the knowledge that we didn’t yet have when we were younger. We certainly still have plenty of gas in the tank, more than enough to appreciate the many talents of dear, sexy, envelope pushing Rain, if you know what I mean. 😉 (talk about a smoldering man)

      Like I’ve told Terri many a time, “I’ll be old when I’m 90. And even then I’ll have to think about it.” 🙂

      No apologies here! Just making it clear that all Clouds are welcome here and age ain’t nothing but a number to us (and to Rain, for that matter). Know what I mean?

      Stephe ^@@^

      P.S. No worries about the misspelling. Took care of that for ya.


    • Well thank you for acknowledging my comment. Just me being me. SMILES!

      As far as women of a certain age go, I’m a woman in my 40s. If women are supposed to no longer have desires once they reach a certain age, then I am So NOT there honey….not by a long shot. Heck, I have hubby telling me “he’s” got a headache sometimes (well, not really….SMILES), but ya feel me?

      Seriously though, I think a woman is as sensual / sexy / desirable / passionate as she feels no matter what her age is. I agree with Stephe, it’s when a woman is older that she truly becomes confident in her sensuality. The things that seem like the be all end all in your twenties, aren’t even a concern when you become older. It really does come from within. I don’t care what society may say. Society gets it wrong much of the time anyway. SMILES!

      Rain’s “grown man sexy” is so palpable sometimes, you can’t help but to “feel” it when he’s on screen. He exudes sensuality in a major way and I for one will do as you suggest and make no apologies for allowing his sexy self to “rev up” this noona’s engines. Yes, indeed!

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  2. Yes Christmas has come early and Stephen lets hope they have a Happy,HAPPY New Year (Please). Looks like Big Sister is working her show again, I say to Miss Se Na You Go Girl now work your show Hmm Hmm.

    Stephen I’m 69 cute years old. I see my Rain Drop as a Grandson, As for Hormone, mine are asleep and has been for 22 years no activity. Poor me.
    I’m a widow but honey my brain works very well Hmm. It is what it is.

    I hope 16 will be so sweet, I want this to have very ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey there, Frances. I’m 54 and had my very first grandchild at Christmas 2012, so I too am representing for the ajummas/halmonis! 🙂

      I’m just now getting home today, so I can’t help wondering what has happened at the ending. I’m about to go watch it now, with my fingers crossed. 🙂

      Stephe ^@@^


  3. Oh and Se Na’s roommates pull no punches. They are trying to “get some” Se Na and you keep busting in on them. LOL! Those two are too funny!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Epi 14:

    Dal Bongie is THE best doggie actor I have seen in quite a while. The scene at the ocean had me feeling misty. Made me think about my pooch Pogo (*miss her…..sniffle, sniffle*). I was hoping they’d cure him. Damn.

    Shi Woo (“L”) is such a cutie pie and if Se Na was not in love with Hyun Wook, I actually wouldn’t mind the two of them together. I don’t hate him with her, even though I want her and Hyun Wook to end up together.

    Hae Yoon honey, who the hell wants to just be around their unrequited love. Been there, done that and it’s seriously overrated. I got over that mess too. Besides, Hae Yoon’s intentions are not pure in all honesty. Who truly wants to be the “cheering section” for an unrequited love and the one They love? I know I wouldn’t. I’d cut you cold, you would never hear from me again….for what?

    Now Epi 15:

    What was that you Netizens had to say about chemistry??? Hmm?

    Chemistry in “yo” face…….BAM! There’s a whole LOT I could say, but the first thing is that Bi is DEADLY to the female hormones. Good LAWD! I hate they pushed this kind of interaction to the last episodes.

    Rain sleeping in the chair (* Good Mercy!….be still my heart*)

    The two of them in bed together. Well let’s just say (to me) this is where K-Drama’s get creative. Let’s get real, this is where lovemaking is implied but not shown. Two grown adults, very much in love with each other, finally get back together after several obstacles and one Huge obstacle in particular. You know good and darn well what would have taken place in real life. LOL. Somebody like Bi? Laying next to me…staring in my face all Dreamy eyed, caressing my cheek?? Baby, please. *SMILES*

    Liked by 1 person

    • You got that right? If you’re sitting out there and you still don’t see any chemistry between Se Na and Hyun Wook, I hate to tell you but it’s your brain, not the acting. Or you just don’t want to see it. LMAO~ ^@@^


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