[spoilers][bullet points][caps] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episodes 11, 12, & 13.


(Cap credit: Shihorain / RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)

Episode 11

•  Oooooh! Se Na and Handsome Dog Owner are soooooo adorable together. He tries to be witty and she busts his chops. LOL! And it’s all going to be completely ruined! Why won’t he just tell her the secret nowwwww. ㅜ_ㅜ

•  Dang! Hyun Wook walks into his office and right off the bat, “Did you go see Yoon Se Na?” Didn’t you get enough satisfaction from harping on the guy last night? Yes, he did go see her! Shut up, Sung Jin! How awesome, another guilt trip first thing in the morning.

•  That long red coat Hae Yoon is wearing is to die for. Too bad it’s wasted on her. *sigh* I know it’s a mean thing to say, but I wouldn’t mind if she’d take a swan dive right off the roof of the AnA building. Even looking at her is painful.

•  As if I didn’t despise the Korean media enough, here they come, smelling blood in the water, badgering Shi Woo’s mom about her education as if it’s any of their business. Ugh.

•  Se Na’s roommate Joo Hong and Joo Hong’s boyfriend are friggin’ hilarious. Love ‘em.

•  Hold on a sec. Did this AnA guy go to see The Prince (2014) and fall in love with Mark’s hairdo? Get on down, clown! Mark, your bang’s got a fan. LOL!



•  Aww, I love Shi Woo acknowledging his real name and his dear mom on stage. ♥ *applause, applause*

•  Okay, Hyun Wook. Se Na just opened up the “So Eun” conversation point blank, so there’s TRULY no excuse for you to keep the secret now. I’m betting you’ll do it anyway. Gah!


(Cap credit: Shihorain / RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)

Episode 12

•  And he deflects. Again. No! Nooooo, Hyun Wook! Tell her! You look so guilty! Ughhhhhhhh

•  Jae Young, you ass. May you suffer 100 days of Monkey Pox, be eaten alive by fire ants in the Amazon, and die a thousand deaths in the Fiery Depths of Hell.

•  “I came back because your father asked me to,” says Hae Yoon with dark circles around her eyes like a raccoon. *rolling my eyes*

•  Shi Woo, I know that you really like Se Na, but please for the love of God DON’T become the male version of Hae Yoon. I’m begging you.

•  Just tell her, Hyun Wook. You’re killing me here! (Truthfully, if the guy wasn’t so damaged and traumatized by the past, he wouldn’t be acting this way, desperate to hang on to every last second of happiness with Se Na he can get. I may not like the way he’s acting, but he’s doing exactly what a man in his position would do. Poor thing.)

•  Luuuurving Rain’s accented English right now… Yusssssss…

•  Se Na and Handsome Dog Owner in America sounds wonderful. But I know it ain’t gonna happen — OMG! Dal Bong’s scarf! >_< *he’s doomed*

•  Why doesn’t Hae Yoon just tattoo all of Hyun Wook’s secrets on her forehead? It’ll save her the trouble of opening her big mouth and telling them to Jae Young.

•  That picture with So Eun. *covering my eyes with dread* That friggin’ picture. *sigh* My heart breaks for ya, Hyun Wook, but it had to happen. (Dear scriptwriter, nicely done, by the way!)


(Cap credit: Shihorain / RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)

Episode 13 (forcing myself to watch poor Hyun Wook’s “demise” ㅜ_ㅜ)

•  Yes, my love, that sound you hear as you run out of the airport is your life crashing and burning.

•  No, he’s not okay, Sung Jin! How could he be okay? And on top of everything else, he might lose Dal Bongie, too. Rain is crying and my feels are devastating me. I’ve got to calm down. Ughhhhhh









(Caps credit: Shihorain / RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)

•  I do NOT want to look at you right now, Hae Yoon. You threw Hyun Wook under the bus, get back in your damn car.

•  Well, at least Se Na hasn’t taken a pair of scissors and physically cut Hyun Wook out of that picture with So Eun. Yet. And she didn’t try to claw him to death on the bridge. I can accept a “hi” and a “bye.” That’s cool. It shows how mature she is for her years. Personally, I’m glad the scriptwriter made her different and didn’t fall back on the usual K-drama “I hate you” scream/pout-fest. Quiet misery is even more powerful than all the noise.

•  Oh, so now, Hae Yoon is all concerned about everyone’s feelings and everyone’s heartache. Spare me the hypocrisy, okay. You still suck.

•  OMG. When Se Na told Hyun Wook to come back to the Land of the Living and go on to be the amazing man she knew he could, I just about bawled! That’s my girl. She’s got a spine of steel and the compassion to match. She is something! Totally worthy of Hyun Wook’s love, and him hers.












(Caps credit: Shihorain / RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)

•  A breakthrough between Hyun Wook and his father? A miracle! Hyun Wook even smiled at the man. What a great scene.

•  Lord, I had a Raizo moment when Rain was speaking English to that nincompoop CEO Jang. *shivers up and down mah spine*

•  Uh-oh, here comes Shi Woo, trying to mark his territory (Se Na) in front of Hyun Wook! Well look at you, Mr. Man! (good luck with that, though, just sayin)


Goodness gracious, folks, I’m pleasantly surprised. The rumblings I’ve been hearing out of everyone had me convinced that something was dreadfully wrong with the plot in these past three episodes, but hey, I enjoyed every single minute of them. What was up with all that?

I got a kick out of the comedic moments, too — Joo Hong’s boyfriend trying to give Hyun Wook relationship advice while slipping him a resume, President Lee’s wife and Director Kang conspiring and flirting, LOL. I loved the flashback montage of Se Na and Hyun Wook’s budding relationship, as she figured out the secret. And I loved that no one told her. Rather, she figured it out herself.


This is Finale Week. We’ll have three episodes to gorge on, starting tomorrow night. Do you think Hyun Wook’s father and/or Dal Bongie might be saved from the Grim Reaper? Will Supernatural So Eun work her magic to bring Hyung Wook and Se Na together (they want each other sooooo badly)? Will Jae Young’s nefarious doings double back and make him a victim of his own poison (please, God, yes)?

Will Shi Woo become a top solo artist and thumb his nose at that heifer Ra Eum? Will Se Na find success and everlasting love with Hyun Wook “5 years later” in America somewhere? Or will everyone crash and burn and the show end in a hot, miserable pile because this is a Korean drama where happiness ain’t guaranteed and no one is safe?

We’re about to find out!

I am so ready.

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

(Caps credit: Shihorain / RAIN(ピ)LOVE2)








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~ by Cloud USA on November 4, 2014.

13 Responses to “[spoilers][bullet points][caps] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episodes 11, 12, & 13.”

  1. I’m loving how Bi is showing his heartache in this drama. Yes, he has a drink or two, but he’s not falling down sloppy drunk or getting into bar brawls. His character is really just showing what a man with a broken heart looks like. No big theatrics, just soft tears. I like that. Quite powerful are the subtle moments like that.


  2. Stephen I enjoyed your rundown of My Loveable Girl . I agree with everything . I hate people with BIG MOUTH S, there is an old saying “Don’t
    Let Your Mouth Write A Check That Your A__s Can’t Cash”.
    Now Stephen you are on point with the Supernatural. I feel that big sister put the lovebirds together. I just hope this ends wonderful, but if not I will so hurt. So on that note “Let The Games Begin”.



  3. You are one funny lady, Stephe! I enjoyed every word!


  4. LOL.

    “I do NOT want to look at you right now, Hae Yoon. You threw Hyun Wook under the bus, get back in your damn car.”

    My feelings exactly.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m really enjoying this drama. It’s understated and yet so well done.

    Terri :-}


    • I totally agree, I love this drama!!!!!


    • For all my ravings DURING the show, I am really loving the episodes too. In fact, that’s how you can tell I’m enjoying it — because it gives me so much to say, haha. 😉

      If it was sucking wind plot-wise, all you’d hear from me would be *crickets*


      Stephe ^@@^


      • I Am looking at episodes 14&15 yes 15 and for some reason there is no English Sub but I still watch and what I’m seeing looks so YUMMY. Why, why, why. IT’S so DISHEARTENING that I did have TEARS. My Rain Drop is acting his A_s off, that’s my boy.


  5. I have been avoiding reading anything about this drama because I had not started watching it. So Stephe this is my first time reading your recaps. OMG I so very much enjoyed everything you wrote!! You had me laughing and talking back to my computer screen agreeing with everything you said. I am so happy I did not read about any of the talk about the last couple of episodes. I did a marathon watch and was able to get through all of the episodes within two days. If I did not have to sleep I would of did it within one day. This drama is so damn awesome!!!! I just love Rain and Crystal characters. Their chemistry is so hot and they physically look hot together!!! She is very pretty and you know Rain is so darn sexy good LORD!!!!!! His acting is supberb!!!! I just love an actor that can cry well and he deserves an award for his crying scenes!!!! Each crying scene just tore my heart apart!!! OMG his english has gotten so good, he sounded so hot speaking in english!!! I really think all the characters are doing an excellent job in acting out their characters. I think the guy that plays Shi Woo is such a hot cutie, can I say sexy dimples/smile for days!!!!! I really hope Jae Young pays in the end because he really fit the definition of an ass!!!!!! Well anyway I cannot wait to see the last three episodes. I really hope there is a happy ending. I want Rain and Crystal characters to work things out and be together in the end so bad.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thank you! Love you Stephe !

    Liked by 1 person

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