[15/5sec CFs][wallpaper][images] MENtholatum check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


New 15 second Energizing Essence commercial spot. (Source credit: Mentholatum Men CN / scorpiolabibi @YT.)

Because 5 seconds of Rain is better than 5 minutes of anyone else…


Well, GOSH dang it! How am I supposed to post official wallpaper that looks THIS GOOD while my eyes are crossing and I’m needing a defibrillator and an oxygen tank? *sigh* I’m only human! *whew* ^@@^

**NOTE: If you have any trouble getting some of these links to load, you’re not the only one! Something wonky seems to be going on either with the Mentholatum Men website OR with my computer. Ugh. LOL~ (Official Wallpaper credit: menthol-men.com.cn. Images and all size links courtesy of Scorpiola @The Cloud)


1024 x 768: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1024×768/1_hye_1024x768.jpg
1440 x 900: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1440×900/1_hye_1440x900.jpg
1600 x 1200: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1600×1200/1_hye_1600x1200.jpg
1920 x 1080: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1920×1080/1_hye_1920x1080.jpg


1024 x 768: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1024×768/2_hye_1024x768.jpg
1440 x 900: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1440×900/2_hye_1440x900.jpg
1600 x 1200: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1600×1200/2_hye_1600x1200.jpg
1920 x 1080: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1920×1080/2_hye_1920x1080.jpg


1024 x 768: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1024×768/4_hy_1024x768.jpg
1440 x 900: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1440×900/4_hy_1440x900.jpg
1600 x 1200: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1600×1200/4_hy_1600x1200.jpg
1920 x 1080: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1920×1080/4_hy_1920x1080.jpg


1024 x 768: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1024×768/1_po_1024x768.jpg
1440 x 900: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1440×900/1_po_1440x900.jpg
1600 x 1200: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1600×1200/1_po_1600x1200.jpg
1920 x 1080: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1920×1080/1_po_1920x1080.jpg


1024 x 768: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1024×768/11_oc_1024x768.jpg
1440 x 900: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1440×900/11_oc_1440x900.jpg
1600 x 1200: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1600×1200/11_oc_1600x1200.jpg
1920 x 1080: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1920×1080/11_oc_1920x1080.jpg


1024 x 768: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1024×768/8_oc_1024x768.jpg
1440 x 900: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1440×900/8_oc_1440x900.jpg
1600 x 1200: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1600×1200/8_oc_1600x1200.jpg
1920 x 1080: http://www.menthol-men.com.cn/images/wallpaper/1920×1080/8_oc_1920x1080.jpg


Spotted on the subway train in China. LOVE ’em! (Images credited as tagged)






The latest posted by the official Mentholatum China micro-blog on Weibo. (Images credit: 曼秀雷敦中国官方微博 / mentholatum001)



~ by Cloud USA on November 1, 2014.

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