[spoilers][bullet points][내그녀] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episodes 9 and 10.


“Love isn’t something that can be controlled.” Lee Hyun Wook. (Image credit: Asian Drama Quotes / ad-quotes.tumblr)

•  Actress Cha Ye Ryun is friggin’ good at her craft. No, not good, great! She’s got me ready to put a mob hit out on “Hae Yoon.” I had to unload on the character just to get through the episode! Bravo, Ye Ryun. You’re making a new fan out of me. 🙂


Just looking at Hae Yoon makes me want to choke her out. I despise women who make themselves all kinds of miserable while blaming the poor guy who clearly doesn’t want to have a relationship. “YOU make me hate the woman you’re with!” “YOU make me drink myself into a stupor!” “YOU make me do bad things!” No, sweetheart, that’s your bad and only yours. If I were you, I’d be too ashamed to go to work with everybody knowing I was that kind of idiot at 30 YEARS OLD.

Here’s the kicker, Hae Yoon. Even if Hyun Wook never sees Se Na again from this day forward, even if he’d never met her at all, he’ll still NEVER WANT YOU. It will always be SOMEONE ELSE, and we can see why. Clingy, whiny, and desperate is not attractive, not even when it comes to sex. You are Friend Material Only, though I don’t know why he even wants you as that. All you do is make him feel awful and sad. Daily.

Buy some self esteem with all that money you make. I would rather cough up a lung than beg a man to sleep with me.

I’d rather have bamboo shoots driven under my fingernails than have a guy date me out of pity!


Hmm, let’s see… COMMON SENSE? ^@@^ Screen cap credit: fyeahdramascreencaps.tumblr

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t not like you because you’re Se Na’s rival. Not at all. A good old fashioned tug of war for a guy is a normal occurrence in life. Competition for love is natural. I don’t like you because you’re one of those folks who blames someone else for your own mean, hurtful behavior. I’ve known people like that my entire life. I know how it feels to be on the other end of the stick and there’s no excuse for that kind of torture.

I also don’t like you because now you’ve given that arsehole Jae Young the means to publicly destroy Hyun Wook. You’ve thrown the man you claim to love right under the bus. I can no longer look at you without throwing up in my mouth.

Hmm… that about covers it. /END RANT


The perfect response. LMAO ^@@^ Screen cap credit: fyeahdramascreencaps.tumblr

•  And who the hell do you think you are, Sung Jin, putting pressure on Hyun Wook to not be true to his feelings? What do you want, for him to become a liar and a cheater, dating Hae Yoon and pretending to like her while he lusts after someone else, just to make life comfortable for you and her? Sacrifice yourself on Hae Yoon’s altar, Hyun Wook, so that we can all be happy, okay? How selfish is that? What a friend. NOT.

You need to be smacked upside the head.

Cap credit: wtfkdramas.tumblr

Shut your pie hole, Sung Jin! It’s not about you. ^@@^ Cap credit: wtfkdramas.tumblr

•  Shi Woo! Where’s my blond hair, dude? I really liked — hmmm… Hey, you’re even cuter than before! かわいい! Ka-wai!

•  Oh, no she didn’t! Find her old husband’s secret son with his used-to-be trainee? Holy smokes, Mrs. President Lee!

•  Ahhh, one more meeting-of-the-lips for Se Na And Hyun Wook. Unexpected and nice. I love how Hyun Wook doesn’t just look at Se Na. He practically falls into her eyes. Wow.


GIF credit: drama-power.tumblr

•  Jesus, why couldn’t Hae Yoon have just stayed the hell out of town.

•  I dreaded Shi Woo’s solo debut. I knew it would be disastrous because of enemies waiting to set him up. Poor baby! Pisses me off, Jae Young doing him that way! ㅜ_ㅜ

•  I like Se Na being fired from AnA. That’s one less media scandal (CEO/trainee) for the record books when it comes to her and Hyun Wook. I don’t want them working at the same company now. Let the sister connection be the only hurdle to get over if they can.

•  Poor arsehole Jae Young. Stomping his feet like a five-year-old having a tantrum because Hyun Wook is naturally more competent than he is. He’s even worse than “You made me what I am” Hae Yoon. LOL! Why don’t you people start taking responsibility for your own actions and go get a life, like adults. You’re an ass because that’s what you want to be. LMAO

What stood out to you in Episodes 9 and 10? What do y’all want to see in this week’s episodes on Wednesday and Thursday?

Happy drama watching! 🙂

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~ by Cloud USA on October 20, 2014.

7 Responses to “[spoilers][bullet points][내그녀] From Stephe’s desk: Of “My Lovable Girl” episodes 9 and 10.”

  1. I Am one upset sister, and I need help bad. Okay I use my Kindle Fire to watch My Loveable Girl, and that was coming from DramaFever, so now DramaFever no longer use the Android that the Kindle Fire had. The last episode that I view ed was (9) now we’re up to (13) see why I’m upset. I have tried everything, I going CRAZY I even cried. Since I can’t watch my Rain Drop next best thing is listen to his music. I have know what the witch is going to do since my boy has let his feelings OUT and she needs aBEAT DOWN which I would be HONORED to do. Can any of my Cloud USA family help me I Am missing
    much to much. Thanks Love U All


  2. I couldn’t agree more SilverCloud and Stephe. Thanks for sharing the episodes


  3. Ha ha! Stephe – your comments made me laugh! I can’t stand looking at Hae Yoon either – poor girl. Any drama Cha Ye Ryun is in in the future will be hard for me to forget her character here…although Shin Sung-rok’s transformation from evil in My love from Another Star to adorable in Trot Lovers is a good indicator how great all these actors are. Anyway, back to MLG. I want to see more of Rain’s spectacular, barely under control emoting like in the last few minutes of episode ten when he told off Hae Yoon and Sung Jin. It was like – “YEAH – FINALLY – Rain is back!” I ended up replaying those scenes more than his kiss scene. But #1 on my wish list is more delicious kisses. Those lips…that intensity…those eyes…that gaze…oh my oh my oh my!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, Christina. 🙂 You hit the nail on the head, haha! And you are right. The emoting at the end of 10 was phenominal to the MAX. Mercy! And don’t start on those lips and that jawline… !!!

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. Gosh Stephe, you said everything I was thinking, but you said it much better than I ever could. I was yelling at the screen at those people. LOL! Hae Yoon and Jae Young are grating on my last nerves. Those two belong together so they don’t make four people’s lives miserable, just each other. Sung Jin is a cutie, but not much of a friend. Grrrr, I want to give them all a good slap. LOL! I loved how you described Hyun Wook looking a Se Na…yeah, that’s exactly right! Dang he’s good at that. Like I said before he can say more with his eyes than most actors can with a page of dialogue. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are absolutely right, silvercloud. 🙂 Rain in a role where he’s deeply in love… or any role, says more with his eyes and face than some actors when they speak. His luscious voice is the gravy on top!

      Stephe ^@@^


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