[Review] Sam Times ‘Thanks the Drama Gods’ for ‘My Loveable Girl’


Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

LOL!  What a delightful review of “My Loveable Girl” Eps 1-8.   🙂

And you’re so right, Sam.  “Love don’t wait for no one.”  😛

Terri :-}

Courtesy of Sam Times on Youtube
(Warning: spoilers & some strong language.)

~ by Cloud USA on October 12, 2014.

6 Responses to “[Review] Sam Times ‘Thanks the Drama Gods’ for ‘My Loveable Girl’”

  1. Hey Guys, Sam here thanks for sharing my video and the nice comments here, if I have time I’ll be sure to make a review for the second half of this drama as well:P
    Ps nice name for a Rain fansite:)

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  2. LOL…..he’s too funny and spot on! He hit the nail on the head for me about the kiss scene. I did like the kiss scene, but it did “feel” oddly placed. I felt exactly what Sam said, but didn’t dwell on it. I think a deep, heart felt hug in a scene like that would have been more appropriate as opposed to a deep kiss. A deep hug would have brought on some hella physical tension leading up to that deep kiss. Now THAT long awaited kiss would have been off the charts. But hey, in a K-Drama you gotta take’em how you can right? LOL.

    Cool review!……..*SMILES*


    • LOL. Wasn’t it? LOL. Actually, my thoughts about this drama were quite similar to Sam’s.

      “Now Shi Woo, I’ve seen, has two shoulders. Not one, but two.” “Krystal Rain, Krystal Rain.”


      Terri :-}

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