[article] SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” reveals more stunning stills of Rain.

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Koreaboo 10/8/2014 —

SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” reveals more stunning stills of Rain


SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” has revealed still cuts of Rain during filming for an upcoming episode!

In the drama, Rain plays Lee Hyunwook and is partnered with f(x)‘s Krystal (who plays Yoon Sena). “My Lovely Girl” airs bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10pm….

» You can read this article in its entirety on Koreaboo HERE.

Source article: http://sbsfune.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10005806577



~ by Cloud USA on October 9, 2014.

2 Responses to “[article] SBS drama “My Lovely Girl” reveals more stunning stills of Rain.”

  1. Always Oppa’s acting is awesome and mind blowing as always… God bless my Oppa.


  2. I have not had a Science class in over 50 years. I’m telling it has I feel. Thank You.
    I have seen 6 of Mr. HOON’s movies, all are good, but “My Loveable Girl” is the BEST of all. His acting shows us how great he is. Rain has grown to GREATNESS, has skills and knows his CRAFT. I see many AWARDS coming his way.

    I wish to thank Drama Fever for episodes 7&8, but it would be very nice if they could give us episodes 9-16 . GREAT WORK. To be honest I find myself crying HAPPY Tears. G-MA is so PROUD of him. BLESS HIM.

    Love Always & Forever G-MA


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