[interview][Eng subs] Arirang TV: Jung JiHoon isn’t afraid of new challenges & transformations.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


My position concerning Rain’s career, intents, and purposes when it comes to the U.S. is the same today as it’s been since before he went in the military. Making it as an actor here is very important to him. And there are things in the works that we won’t know about until it’s time for us to know them.

There’s no reason for my position to waver now either, because he’s just confirmed it all once again in this Star Lounge interview on Arirang TV, which took place behind the scenes at the official “My Lovable Girl” press conference this past Monday.

He was not trying to become a household name with The Prince. Rather, he took this minor role in an ensemble film (something his U.S. management strategically advised him to do a few years ago, as I recall) to be a villain at least once in his career and to be a scene stealer. To get even more people to Google his name. According to a good number of the reviews out there, he did just that. They didn’t like the movie, but they liked him.


Dude has a plan for Hollywood, and that plan has not changed in the least. He has a timetable he’s going to follow, and he will get here when he gets here and not before. He is hella-smart, well connected in the States, and never makes a move until it is time. There is a method to his madness, which is why I’m content to sit back and watch it play out without too much concern at all.

Carry on, Rain.

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

(Showbiz Korea Star Lounge segment: Singer & Actor Jung Ji Hoon. Source credit: ARIRANG KPOP @YouTube.)

Arirang’s English YouTube comments:

Star Lounge
The venue of the press conference of the new drama “My Lovely Girl” was filled with dazzling spotlights and tons of press members. We can meet one super star who′s making a comeback after a 4 year hiatus. Who is this celebrity? It′s Rain, also known as Jung Ji-hoon, a true multi-entertainer, who is making a comeback through the drama “My Lovely Girl.”

~ by Cloud USA on September 18, 2014.

12 Responses to “[interview][Eng subs] Arirang TV: Jung JiHoon isn’t afraid of new challenges & transformations.”

  1. After teading that…..I must say he has his plan and it is working and working well. I have watched all of his movies in a short time. Weather Jung Ji Hoon dose Korean movies or American movies soon or later he will always have a fan with me.
    He is such a talent and strategic man who know how things should go for him. I think God wrote the path and he is flowing it. Don’t change a thing, do what you do and keep doing it because it is working.
    Your Philadelphia Fan.

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  2. Rain’s acting is really brilliant and so handsome. His vocalization and pronunciation is really really great in the drama of my lovely girl.


  3. FYI, everybody.

    I was merely stating my personal position and my personal reaction concerning Rain’s career in Hollywood — mine, and mine alone, in this post. I was not disparaging anyone else’s opinion, whatever that opinion may be. I was not talking to anyone specifically, nor was I telling anyone else what to do. That would be stupid of me, seeing as we all have a right to our own opinion last time I checked, and seeing as we’ve always tried to make this blog a place for people to be true to themselves concerning what they think.

    There are things that I’m not content over, his interaction with his global fans (or the lack thereof) being one of them. But that is a whole other issue.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • You know, there’s nothing like a good ole Sunday-go-to-meeting to put things into perspective.

      It’s clear to me now that I was DEEP in my feelings when I made my previous comments. I acknowledge that I did indeed “feel” that this particular post was directed at comments I made regarding Rain and his role in The Prince.

      I must say that I have always been one to try and Not make comments when I’m feeling a certain way. I let myself lapse with regard to my own personal rule for interacting with others online. Quite simply, I lashed out dear Stephe and for that I apologize. I just want to say, I don’t have a problem admitting when I could have handled things (made my comments) in a better way. I should have but I didn’t.

      So, I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive your dongsaeng. From now on, when I’m “feeling like” a wise ass, I will keep my comments on lock.



      • Hey, it’s happened to all of us. We’ve all done it, so none of us can throw stones at you about it.

        Thanks for the apology. I appreciate it. I’m sorry that you thought I was downing you.

        Stephe ^@@^


        • That’s ok. I’m good…tomorrow I’ll be even better. This splint comes off my hand and I’ll be right as…..(*wait for it*)….Rain! *SMILES*……………………………


  4. Just one more thing. Can’t speak for other Clouds, but I was unaware of Rain’s “specific” strategy for Hollywood. I only knew he wanted to cross over to that market. Had I known I wouldn’t have wasted my breath about lack of promotion and what not for The Prince, as I would have thought it was all a part of “the plan” for Hollywood and ultimately all that entailed. From now on, I will do as you suggest and sit back and watch (*lips zipped*). I will assume that Rain is making pointed, strategic and smart decisions (never questioning his judgement). I don’t want to presume to know shit from shinola about how Hollywood works. Clearly, I do not.

    *Just Saying*……………………………………….


  5. Arrange TV Interview, Rain you are a true Cancer as am I (6-24-45) any way New challenges and transformation are our way of life. You are doing
    So very well. I have seen some of your movies and loved them and plan to see more.

    To me you are the MAN. Your childhood had a lot to do with your DRIVE,
    so as your USA G-MA , I say DRIVE on.

    I am PROUD of you, and I PRAY for you. I wish you LOTS of LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER. G-MA


  6. Well you know what……………..

    You gone on and handle it then my brotha. I ain’t mad and I’m done talking about Rain and Hollywood.

    We’ll see ya, when we see ya….as miss Stephe says…carry on.


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