[article][Naver][내그녀] ‘My Girl’ Rain transforms. “Sticking to the basics… You’ll see a different side of me.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rain and Cube Entertainment are quoted by Star News on his goal with the role of “Hyun Wook” in new SBS melodrama “My Lovable Girl.” 🙂

스타뉴스 (Star News) on Naver 9/13/2014 — by Kim Young Jin, Reporter (김영진 기자)

‘내그녀’ 비, 변신 이룬다 “기본 충실.. 다른 모습 보일 것”

비(정지훈)/사진제공=큐브엔터테인먼트 / Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) Photo credit: Cube Entertainment. ^@@^

비(정지훈)/사진제공=큐브엔터테인먼트 / Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) Photo credit: Cube Entertainment. ^@@^


English translation: Sonya @Cloud USA. Rewritten by Stephe @Cloud USA.

Hyun Wook is the CEO of an entertainment agency and deeply wounded by his past love. His wounds begin to heal because of Se Na. You can expect to see Rain’s lyrical acting [expressing the writer’s emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way].

Cube said, “He (Rain) has made a diligent study of the script and has filmed the drama with sincerity. Hyun Wook holds on to his pain because [of his position] as a CEO. The role is that of a relaxed but imposing, emotional and warmhearted character.

This role suits his (Rain’s) age.

This role is expected to show viewers a character more comfortable and much warmer compared to [Rain’s] previous roles, which were cool-headed and shrewd (sharp-sighted). Based on this, in his new drama he will be able to show you professional and artistic sides (factors) because his role is that of an entertainment agency’s CEO.”

Rain said, “Acting skills and understanding the drama (script) are also important with this new character, but the most important things are vocalization (methods) and phonetic correction (pronunciation correction) as an actor. So, I have continually practiced those (vocalizations and pronunciations) for several months. I have been faithful (sticking) to the basics by focusing on delivering the lines well. I have been reading the script a lot, and have been trying to understand Lee Hyun Wook’s character.

You will see another side (a different side) of me in the drama.

We are having fun shooting the drama because we work well as a team (we have great teamwork).”


~ by Cloud USA on September 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “[article][Naver][내그녀] ‘My Girl’ Rain transforms. “Sticking to the basics… You’ll see a different side of me.””

  1. I’m awaiting it coming to US!


  2. Rain always so professional. I ´m sure that through his performance in this drama, he will make us feel many emotions… Hyun Wook the best ♥


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