[article] Rain’s Fans Gift ‘My Lovely Girl’ Filming Site with Food Truck.

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That’s how we 9th Clouds roll. We all were more than happy to do that. 🙂

eNews World 9/15/2014 — Source: Newsen, Park Ah Reum. Translation Credit: Yeawon Jung

Rain’s Fans Gift ‘My Lovely Girl’ Filming Site with Food Truck

Rain’s official fan club ‘Cloud’ sent over a food truck to the filming site of SBS’s My Lovely Girl.

On September 14, Rain’s fan club Cloud provided dinner for 80 cast and staff members at the filming site in Paju city, who enjoyed the food after finishing their filming schedule.

Rain is making the V in the picture released and stated, “I am so grateful for the fans who prepared a delicious dinner and I will do well acting out ‘Hyun Wook’ from My Lovely Girl. Please anticipate the first broadcast.”


Making his return to the small screen in four years, Rain has reportedly been leading the filming site’s atmosphere by taking initiative and setting an example.

My Lovely Girl starring Rain and f(x)’s Krystal is set to air on September 17.

Photo credit: A Story

~ by Cloud USA on September 14, 2014.

2 Responses to “[article] Rain’s Fans Gift ‘My Lovely Girl’ Filming Site with Food Truck.”

  1. Oh how wonderful Clouds! Taking care of our RainRain and the crew, staff and cast. Thanks for sharing Stephe


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