[images][article][DramaFever] My Lovable Girl cast celebrates Chuseok with gifts and greetings.

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We hope everyone who celebrated Korean Thanksgiving enjoyed a warm, wonderful time and filling meals with their families, and wasn’t gridlocked in traffic for too long.


df-flame-logoDramaFever News 9/9/2014 — by Vivi

My Lovable Girl cast celebrates Chuseok with gifts and greetings

September 8 was Chuseok, one of the biggest national holidays in Korea. In order to celebrate, the cast of the upcoming drama My Lovable Girl wrote handwritten messages, and leading man Rain purchased gifts for the cast and crew…

Taking his holiday wishes a step further, Rain reportedly purchased fall jackets for over 100 staff members on the show! It’s a generous, suitable gift for an autumn holiday….

» You can read Vivi’s article in its entirety and leave your comments on DramaFever HERE.



(Image credit: YinYueTai Korean Music @Weibo)


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