[Eng trans][clip] Friendship with world star Rain: The BiJinAh phone call.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


A translation of this clip that we first saw back on August 17 has now come our way, so we’re re-posting it for you.

(Clip source credit: JTBC Entertainment @YT.)

English Translation by: Sonya @Cloud USA. Tip: Lasong @Cloud USA.

One host of the show: I felt that LA SONG was not [only] Rain’s song at first [when] Rain and Tae JinAh performed together on the stage. It became increasingly popular again. Do you get in touch with Rain often?

Tae JinAh: I have been close to him since a short time after his debut. When I was working in Japan in 2010, we were staying at the same accommodation.

One host: Can you talk to him on the phone?

Broadcast Caption: Will he really answer the telephone? He may not. !!!!!! A real world star ‘Rain’

Rain: I’m sorry. I am in Shenzhen, China.

Tae JinAh: Are you doing well?

Rain: Yes. Please stay healthy.

One host: Are you busy now?

Rain [to Tae JinAh]: Seonbaenim (senior), how are you?

One host: You are busy filming in China?

Rain: Yes.

Host: How can you describe Tae JinAh?

Rain: He is like a father to juniors.

– After finishing telephone conversation

Host: Rain was in a hurry (was busy now) so his voice seemed rushed. I think Rain answered the phone because [it was] Tae JinAh.

~ by Cloud USA on September 6, 2014.

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