[trailer/Chinese][ 露水红颜][caps] Difficult Love: For Love Or Money, coming to movie screens November 7.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

* Edited to Add: Yes, it seems that Rain’s voice has been dubbed over in Mandarin by a Chinese actor. When it comes to this particular film, I don’t mind. I can’t imagine having to shoot a movie in a language you don’t speak while having to bring believability to your emotions and body language all at the same time. I mean, how unbelievably difficult. I willingly give Rain and Director Gao a pass on this one. No prob! ^@@^


OMG, y’all. After watching this trailer for Rain’s upcoming Chinese movie, I had to step away from my computer and collect myself. Tearjerker Alert! Mercy… When his character has to get emotional, Rain is so good, he will make you cry. ㅜ.ㅜ

No wonder “Mark” could be so good and cold. All the emotions were going into this guy instead! Thumbs up, Rain!

Liu Yifei gets a huge thumbs up as well. Looks like she’s taking her character right to the edge. ^@@^

» [search] If you’re a newbie and would like to check out Difficult Love news from the beginning of filming up to this point, just CLICK this link and browse to your heart’s content. ^@@^

(Source credit: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_193152312.html / courtesy of ratoka)

(Captures by Cloud USA)





















~ by Cloud USA on September 3, 2014.

13 Responses to “[trailer/Chinese][ 露水红颜][caps] Difficult Love: For Love Or Money, coming to movie screens November 7.”

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  2. Reblogged this on RainCloudMom's World and commented:
    Wow, looks interesting…


  3. Oh my goodness, can our RainRain act or can he act. I prefer RainRain’s voice and we read subtitles


  4. Voice dubbing is what “foreign films” used to mean whenever they reached the U.S. market. So watching a voice dubbed film would not be a shock. Like Terri, it’s not my preference but if that’s all we can get, then….oh well. I also hope we get the Option like they gave us with R2B. Watching voice dubbed films is like watching those old karate movies on Saturday mornings (in the days of yesteryear…..when some of us were pint-sized Clouds…..SMILES).

    I’m sure the movie will do quite well. It seems the Chinese film industry is putting faith in Rain and the abilities of the other stars in the film as well. Goodness knows, Clouds are having “heart palpitations” globally already (myself included)….if that’s any indication. *SMILES*


  5. Wow this movie look like it is going to amazing!! I hope the movie is a huge success for Rain!!!


  6. Looks great. Saying a prayer for the film’s global success. ♥

    Terri :-}


  7. WOW I can’t wait to see Rain in this movie.^^ He is really good.


    I translate some parts of the article concerning Rain. I am not sure that my translation is accurate.
    Because my translation is poor(clumsy), maybe there are many unnatural places.

    You can correct the mistakes(errors)of grammar and English expressions if there are any.

    [Jeong Yeongseok is a hairdresser & manager of RA BEAUTY CORE(the president of a beauty salon ).

    The reporter asks him the question, “I know that you have worked with many celebrities. who do you think is the most memorable celebrity?”

    Jeong Yeongseok says,
    ” The most memorable celebrity for me is definitely(without doubt) Jung Ji-Hoon.

    When he did his work very actively in Hollywood by chartered plane, We(Rain, his coordinator and I) were eating hamburgers in the beauty shop.
    I saw it like that. As soon as Rain saw Lee Mi-Suk(actress, a big senior), he spat his hamburger that he was eating on his hand(spat it out).

    while he was hiding the hand behind his back,
    he courteously made a low bow from the waist to her(90 degrees, he bowed deeply at the waist(greeted her politely)).

    Even then, he told me that he just met her for the first time.
    I realized that greeting people had to be like this after I saw the scene.
    (I realized that I should(had to)greet people politely like Rain after I saw the scene.
    so it’s still the most memorable thing.”]

    Yes, Rain is always kind and polite ^^


  8. Hi, just wondering if this will be shown in US movie theatres with English subtitles? Or released on DVD? Thanks.


    • Let’s hope they give us a choice as to whether we want dubbing or subtitles. Often foreign filmmakers do.

      I certainly prefer to hear Rain’s voice with subs, rather than hearing someone else’s. His voice is just too lovely. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on that one…

      Terri :-}


  9. does he speak chinese in this movie. Oh boy .and i want to hear his own voice. That was not his own voice or atleast i think it was´t


    • Marjo,

      You aren’t hearing things. His voice was dubbed over by a Chinese actor. I think he was speaking Chinese, though. Maybe the Chinese prefer dubbing. I don’t know. It does look like he’s speaking Chinese, though.

      Let’s just hope that the filmmaker gives us the option of subtitles instead.

      Terri :-}


  10. Yes, THIS will be a good one. Damn, he’s so good when he shows that deep emotion.

    My emotions are bittersweet regarding this film, but I can’t wait to see it. For sure!


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