11 Responses to “[account][Naver] “The more I see of him, the more I can see that he is a genuine person.””

  1. RainRain is a good person and I do not know him personally. Even though I feel I do know him through my daughter and our Clouds members. I did get to say hello to him at Time 100 event in NYC. He turned and wave to me with his glorious smile. From All I have read on him, he is a loving person with a great personality


  2. I’m sure this kind of talk is a surprise to many, but never to Rain’s Clouds, eh?

    So misunderstood. Which is a bit baffling to me. I haven’t seen anything anywhere from anyone that has ever made me think he’s a bad guy in disguise.

    *scratching my head*
    Terri :-}


    • Exactly. In the five years I’ve been following Bi’s career I have never seen any incidence that made me feel like he was a “shady” individual….Never.
      Like you I don’t get what there would be to even misunderstand.

      You know, I’m an introvert in person and sometimes people misunderstand my quietness as being aloof or unapproachable, which I’m so not. I’m just a tad shy around people I don’t know well, at least in the beginning. People have a tendency to misunderstand certain personalities, but that’s on them. Usually the person they think you are isn’t who you are at all. Glad this individual was able to see the error in his thinking about Bi.


    • Because they generally think that a mega star must be arrogant and bad. But they realize their prejudice are completely wrong when they meet Rain in person. ^ ^


  3. And this is the reason why I fell for this Guy. You can be a fan of a big Celebrity, but when you see a big star like Rain yet the simplicity and the humility and his passion for his work? I will support him and follow him for as long as he needs Clouds in his life. We love you Rain and we know you will remain humble…

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  4. And the moral of the story is?…………………..


  5. Thank you Sonya so much for the translation!!!


    • Dear Lasong, if I remember correctly, you posted a translation of Tae JinAh’s phone call to Rain here in a comment. I haven’t forgotten it — I just got really busy. I plan to post that as soon as I can. Thanks so much!^^

      Stephe ^@@^


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