[quote] 비 said… “Success is more important than the timing.”

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

He always has a solid plan, and a way to successfully adjust that plan due to unforeseen circumstances. The trick is to have patience and let things play out, because no matter what or how long it takes, the man will not make a move until he is 100% ready for it. JMHO.

AboutPatience“When I visited countries in Europe, America, and Asia to promote my movie Ninja Assassin, I realized that the world is wide and there are many things to do. Even though it was very painful for me when I had to go on a severe diet for eight months to film the movie, I could earn the new title of action star and introduce myself to many people due to those painful efforts….

I am gaining popularity as an actor in America right now, so I think that I have to release an album in America right after I establish my title as an actor when I become more popular in America. If I just release album in the American market without consideration, I would pay dearly. The American market is not a bed of roses. Success is more important than the timing. First of all, I want to establish myself in America as an actor.”

Rain, at his Back To The Basics mini-album press conference in Yeouido on 4/5/2010

Source: KBS Global article 4/7/10, “I’ve improved myself as I overcame my weakness”


~ by Cloud USA on August 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “[quote] 비 said… “Success is more important than the timing.””

  1. Good for RainRain; he is so grounded and wise. Takes things as they come and keep moving on. I totally agree with you Bialamode. Thanks for sharing Stephe


  2. Rain said: “……The American market is not a bed of roses……”

    I’m so glad he holds no illusions that regard, because no….no it is not. Heck, the American market is not even a bed of roses for native born Americans. SMILES.

    I’m glad you reminded us he said that Stephe. I’m glad because at least we know that He knows what he’s up against, yet he still seems to have accepted the challenge.

    LOVE a man with a plan….yes indeed!


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