[images] Rain check. (Checkin’ in with The Prince and My Loveable Girl.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Gotta LOVE this image from the “My Loveable Girl” set, on 8/17. (Image credit: 夏末浅念c @weibo)



Wonderful stills from The Prince, posted by CGV Cinemas Vietnam on their Facebook. Check out that scowl on “Mark”! Intense. I love this up-close peek at how Rain’s face will look in character. ^@@^ 🙂




( ↑ ↑ Why is “Mark” looking down so intently as he walks into this room? To let you know he is deadly serious, and to make sure he doesn’t miss the red mark on the floor. That’s his blocking—where he needs to stop for the scene. ^@@^)




A The Prince movie poster out and about… The person who posted this mentioned that it was coming to “XXI” (as in Cinema XXI or Cinema 21), which indicates that the movie will also be opening in Indonesia. Cinema XXI is the largest movie theater chain in Indonesia, and serves 29 cities there. Thumbs up! ^@@^ (Image credit: Waty Clouds Anjells Klf @Facebook)



Want a larger size of the “My Loveable Girl” stills collage that was released? Here ya go, courtesy of TopStar News. ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on August 20, 2014.

4 Responses to “[images] Rain check. (Checkin’ in with The Prince and My Loveable Girl.)”

  1. Well built chest under that t shirt.


  2. LIKE!

    Terri :-}


  3. That first pic of My Lovable Girl……sexy as hell! (*I see a tan coming on….bring on the Tan honey Bi….squeee!*). That last pic of “Mark”……be still my heart/weak in the “kneeeez”!!

    Speaking of the My Lovable Girl pics below. I showed hubby the pic of Rain in the gray t-shirt and I said to him…..”hey, this is a cute shirt I think it would look good on you” (hubby wears t-shirts like that also). Mr. Man said…..”what are you talking about, it’s just a gray t-shirt?”, then I said….”but I like it.” Without skipping a beat, hubby called me on my BS…..he said…”please, you just like the man IN that t-shirt.”

    LOL…..all I could do was laugh, as I couldn’t deny a damned thing. LOL.


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