[TV spot][8/19/2014] The Prince (2014) to be on DirecTV Cinema.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


I was up very late last night, into the wee hours of this morning (what a surprise, right? LOL), watching Japanese drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” on my laptop (I am so hooked on it), when suddenly THIS ↓ came on my TV (which I had not bothered to switch off).

(Clip credit: Stephe @CloudUSA / dynasticstephe @vimeo. You might have to turn the sound up.)

It took me a few seconds, but when I slowly realized what I was seeing out of the corner of my eye, my body went on automatic pilot.

I shoved my laptop aside in shock, stared at the television, and grabbed my phone to capture the TV spot, all in one motion. LOL! It’s not exactly the type of ad I’ve been hoping for where The Prince is concerned (in what theaters? Helloooo? Anyone there?), but at least the trailer is on satellite TV now and the film will be available to a vast number of action thriller viewers with only the click of a button this Friday, so I ain’t complaining. 🙂

A little additional info: This was on the BBC America channel, during an episode of Doctor Who.

Thank the Lord for DVR. Without it, I never would have been able to run the commercial back and get it from the beginning.

Start watching for The Prince TV spots on your cable or satellite provider when you can, peeps, so that we all get a better idea of all the places this movie is going to land this Friday. (If you’ve got DirecTV, the Cinema channels start at 125.)

Now back to my J-drama. I completely forgot about it and my laptop has powered down. LOL

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~ by Cloud USA on August 19, 2014.

15 Responses to “[TV spot][8/19/2014] The Prince (2014) to be on DirecTV Cinema.”

  1. Boy, JiHoon your Clouds don’t play baby! I’m so tickled now.

    They are adding theaters left and right now. Now see, if the powers that be had done their homework they’d know the kind of pull Rain has…..ESPECIALLY, with his Clouds.

    You’ll know next time won’t ya Bruce!


  2. Hey, great news! The movie will be playing in Houston as well. So excited after being so frustrated. Seems the show times for “selected” theaters are trickling in now.

    So, fearless leaders how you do want Clouds to handle this weekend? Shall we see the movie in the theaters where we live and also watch it as a collective on Saturday night? Just wondering. Either way,”I’s” a happy Cloud now. *SMILES*……………………


  3. Wow, how exciting. Thanks for heads up Stephe


  4. Hi Stephe! Thanks ever so much! I am hoping to watch him on big screen. but at least we can watch. So I might just grab popcorn and other munchies and just invite my friends to watch with me on TV I have dig deeply maybe they were ON DEMAND?
    Love you Sis dearly! Take care…


    • You’re very welcome, Elsie. ^^ It was exciting to finally see the trailer here! That sounds like a great plan. I think we’re all going to do the same thing and chat on our new Cloud USA forum at the same time. It’s going to be so much fun!

      (((hugs))) 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. SO irritated!……………………..


  6. Well damn…..I have DirectTV and didn’t see that….and after I signed up for Vudu. Lol.

    I must admit am so BEYOND frustrated with this situation. I’m also highly irritated that I lost a good 30 minutes on my sleep time to stay up and watch Bruce Willis do his own version of “stupid pet tricks.” Somehow I knew this was all about promoting Sin City (which he only mentioned for like 2 seconds). Still I stayed up against hope on the off chance he might mention The Prince. Yeah….that worked out…..Not! I’m so pissed off…..seriously! I won’t be doing that “ish” again. Following one’s first mind usually works.


    • And it would’ve taken only about 10 seconds of that stupid segment on Letterman to mention The Prince. “By the way I also have another gig coming out, everybody check it out on Friday blah blah blah blah” * goes back to eating corn*


      Stephe ^@@^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Exactly!…….Oh well, needless to say I will be watching The Prince on Direct TV. Oh and Mr. Man very sweetly tried to help a Very frustrated Cloud find the movie last night while said Cloud was trying to sign up for Vudu….(he’s so “tweet”). Goodness knows, I didn’t need another password to try to remember.

        Mr. Man also reminded me of something that is of the Utmost importance when I told him the movie would be on Direct TV VOD. He very casually said “you know, when you watch the movie on demand it can be DVR’d too.” I was like…”Oh yeeaah.” (*I did know that BTW*)…….LOL.

        Well, that helped my mood lighten tremendously! SMILES……….


  7. Thank goodness it’s being advertised SOMEWHERE. Lemme go see if it’s on VOD on DishTV…

    Actually, let me go tell my Dad to try and see if he can find it on Dish. He’s a TV-aholic, and if it’s out there, he’ll find it for sure.

    Terri :-}


  8. Thanks, Stephe. At least there are some TV spots.



  9. tenx for the info ☺
    it help a lot..


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