[clip][images] Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Much loved Trot singer Tae Jin-Ah (one half of the fun collaboration BiJinAh, back during Rain’s musical comeback in January 2014), gives his junior Rain a phone call live on JTBC yesterday. Hehe! 🙂 (Clip source credit: JTBC Entertainment @YT.)



“The Prince” premiere date (August 29) in Vietnam is confirmed, by CGV Cinemas over there. Nice to see. (Post credit: CGV Cinemas Vietnam @Facebook)



Random Rain Goodness. Must have! What’s a day without it? 🙂 (Courtesy of sizuku219)



YoungJae: “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen me eat before?” 🙂


YoungJae: “I haz a boo boo. Comfort me.” LOL


~ by Cloud USA on August 17, 2014.

8 Responses to “[clip][images] Rain check.”

  1. The last four pics are the best of rain,the first time I fall for him as my #1 Icon in Asia.thanks very much.

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  2. Yes in deed, thank you for sharing

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  3. Hello There! Stephe and Terrie Hope all is well…
    We are trying to check The Prince here in CA and it seems we are having a hard time finding where to watch it.I know they said showing on Aug. Check but no where in Winnipeg.


  4. Translation by my Korean friend Sonya:

    One host of the show says,” I felt that LA SONG is not rain’s song at first but Rain and Taejina performed together on the stage.It became increasingly popular again. Do you get in touch with Rain often?”

    Taejina : I have been close to him since a short time after his debut. when I was working in Japan in 2010. we were staying at the same accommodation.

    one host : can you talk to him on the phone?

    Broadcast Caption : Do he really answer the telephone? It may not. !!!!!! a real world star ‘Rain’

    Rain: I’m sorry. I am in Shenzhen China

    Taejina: Are you doing well?

    Rain : yes, please Stay healthy.

    one host : are you busy now?

    Rain : SeonBaenim(senior) How are you?

    one host : You are busy filming a drama in China?

    Rain : yes

    host: How can you describe Taejina?

    Rain : He is like a father to juniors. – After finishing telephone conversation-

    host : Rain was in a hurry(was busy now) so his voice seems rush. I think Rain gets(answers) the phone because of Taejina.

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