[article][MV] The Pope is coming to South Korea, K-entertainers record a song in tribute of his visit.

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KimTaeHeeKoinonia6_CUSAKim TaeHee, Kim WooBin, Ahn SungKi, SG Wannabe’s Kim Jin Ho, and many of their Catholic colleagues came together to record a beautiful song called “Koinonia” (Greek for communion, and camaraderie) to welcome Pope Francis to their country.

The CNN article below also talks about other Catholic celebs who are being affected by the visit, like figure-skating queen Kim Yuna.

And of course, they also talked about Rain’s recent baptism into the Catholic faith.

(Hmm… looking at this video and the gentle message it gives, and the vibe of hope and love that it conveys, it boggles my mind that Director Cha Eun-taek also did PSY and Snoop Dogg’s “Hangover.” Just sayin. LOL~)

It’s good to know that TaeHee can sing, which doesn’t surprise me in the least. I didn’t know WooBin could sing—I need to get with the times. I didn’t know that so many South Koreans were converting to Catholicism. Very interesting.

All in all, this is a good article, and a music project well done. 🙂

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(Video source credit: 가톨릭인터넷 굿뉴스 [Catholic Internet Good News] @YT.)



CNN World 8/14/2014 — by Lee HyoWon, for CNN

K-Pop stars gear up for Pope Francis’ visit with papal tributes



Seoul (CNN) — What could bring together the biggest names in the Korean pop industry? A visit by the Pope will do it.

As Pope Francis tours South Korea through August 18, some 20 Korean household names got together to record a video for a song titled “Koinonia,” which means camaraderie and communion in Greek. It was composed by K-pop veteran Noh Young-shim to celebrate the first papal visit to Korea in 25 years…

…The number of Catholics in Korea continues to grow, with roughly 100,000 baptisms per year. The baptism du jour is that of pop star Rain (aka. Jung Ji-hoon) in July. Local media widely reported that his actress girlfriend Kim Tae-hee inspired the conversion, and the celebrity rumor mill spelled an impending marriage.

Rain’s agency Cube Entertainment has rejected the claim: “Rain has indeed been baptized, but this is something he has been meaning to do for some time now. It would be rash to make assumptions about engagement plans.”

» You can read this extensive article in its entirety on CNN online HERE.

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7 Responses to “[article][MV] The Pope is coming to South Korea, K-entertainers record a song in tribute of his visit.”

  1. That video was beautiful. The song is beautiful. Wish Rain could have participated.
    ☺ Thanks


  2. ummm I thought Roman Catholics do not marry so where from this rumour that he is preparing to tie the knot.Kim Tae hee being a Catholic understands the verse in their Bible that says “that shall not marry nor have a baby”this to me is so interesting for Rain to say he is not ready to get marry and yet finds a lady who much that position.


    • Naomi,

      Roman Catholics indeed DO marry. My ex-husband is Catholic, so I should know. It’s the priests that don’t marry. And they are the most voracious procreators (baby makers) I’ve ever met too. (Not the priests, but Catholics.)

      Where on earth did you read that, by the way? I’m very curious.

      The rumor came from those who know the Catholic faith somewhat, I’m thinking. When I married my ex, they pushed EXTREMELY hard to get me to convert to Catholicism before we got married. (I’m a Baptist.) They didn’t force me to, but they sure did try really hard. And they still required us to get married in the Catholic church and I still had to take classes on the faith and we went through counseling. (Which I’m thinking was the only reason we lasted as long as we did [23 years]) We also had to vow to raise our children Catholic.

      Conversion to the Catholic faith is not a quick process. There are classes you have to take and counseling, etc. Classes typically start in September and end the next Easter (April or so). So, the whole process takes about 8-9 months. Sounds like it’s a bit different in Korea, though. If Rain was baptized on July 21st, then he would have had to have started his classes the fall before, maybe in Oct. or Nov.? Am I counting up right?

      Given the timeline, Rain had to have been attending Catholic masses long before he converted. So, like his agency said, he has been planning this for a long time.

      On the OTHER hand, that also means that he had to have been going to church for a long time too. Which means he had ample time to meet someone at that church and fall in love with them. Someone like Kim Tae Hee, perhaps?

      And what better place is there to meet a future spouse than at your church? Many couples do so. All the time.

      So, to say that the rumors are totally false would be a poor assumption too. To me, it’s extremely plausible that he made the decision to convert to Catholicism based on the influence he received from the people around him that he loved–who were already Catholics. People like Kim Tae Hee.

      Terri :-}


      • Got that right Terri! (regarding the baby makers comment).

        Yeah, the whole “though shall not marry”?? Huh? I’ve never heard that.

        Catholics are Christians by faith and Christians most definitely get married. I’m married so……..yeah.


  3. I saw today 8.17.14 on a south korean news channel lots of people on the street greeting the pope. Very interesting!!!!


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