[articles][trailer clip] The Prince (2014) in the Media this week.

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Collider.com 8/11/2014 — by Matt Goldberg

Exclusive THE PRINCE Clip: Bruce Willis Can’t Let It Go


Last month, we brought you the exclusive debut of the trailer for The Prince, and now we have an exclusive clip from the action-thriller. The film stars Jason Patric as a retired assassin who is drawn back into his old life when his daughter is kidnapped….

» You can read this article in its entirety on Collider.com HERE.

(Clip source credit: Collider.com / courtesy of ratoka)


ComingSoon.net 8/12/2014 —

Exclusive Clip from The Prince, Starring Patric, Willis and Cusack


Lionsgate has provided ComingSoon.net with an exclusive clip from The Prince, featuring Jason Patric’s character talking to his daughter, played by Gia Mantegna. Also starring are Bruce Willis, John Cusack, Jung Ji-Hoon a.k.a Rain, Jessica Lowndes, Johnathon Schaech, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson….

» You can see this article in its entirety on ComingSoon.net HERE.

~ by Cloud USA on August 14, 2014.

5 Responses to “[articles][trailer clip] The Prince (2014) in the Media this week.”

  1. Ah, I’ve got a bad feeling and I don’t want to have that.

    See, THIS is why independent films need to market themselves HARD from minute one.



  2. And they have THE Nerve to put this movie up for pre-order too?? GTHOH!

    Honestly, I hope this film does really well, mainly for Rain’s sake. Bruce has already made his career as a huge action star. However, if they are banking on the demographics of each individual star’s fan bases to just “waltz into” the theaters they might be mistaken. (1) they haven’t even said which theaters the frickin movie is even going to be playing at…..”select theaters?” Well, where….men in suits? Huh? (2) People are busy getting their kids ready for back to school, without any trailers being played on television (every 10 seconds) the movie is not on A-n-y-b-o-d-y’s radar….huge fan bases or not. People (in general) have short attention spans these days. Promotion has to be put in people’s faces if you want results.

    We are Clouds with a vested interest in Bi so we are passing the word around as best we can, but I don’t know about the rest. Again, just mind boggling how the Hollywood system works.


    • Seriously. We cannot find the film. At. All. And it’s only a week until it opens. WTF? This is stupid as hell. R2B was marketed here better than this and it was in Korean. *eye roll*

      Stephe ^@@^


      • R2B was marketed but still to an Asian (Korean) audience. Posters weren’t in theaters on opening day over here for R2B and you had to know what theater it was playing at….BUT you’re right at least you could find out from the R2B web site where the damned movie was playing.

        As I said, somebody has made a decision…..an ass backwards one IMHO to not promote this movie. The crazy part is by the time people become aware of it, it won’t matter.


  3. You know…..at this point I’m more than annoyed (along with everybody else no doubt) that there has been No promotion for this film whatsoever. It’s surprising because this is an American film production. I’m assuming that because this is a Lionsgate distributed film, it’s considered an independent (smaller budget) film. I did see online somewhere that the film’s budget was like $10 mil. So I get that is very small as films go…..but dang.

    Let’s see, you have the star of the film (Bruce Willis), you have Rain (Asia’s answer to MJ), you have 50 Cent (one of the biggest and most recognizable hip-hop stars), as well as John Cusack and Jason Patric. These are HUGE names in a small film. WTH???

    If I’m a producer (small budget or not) I’d be like…..”Looka here….umm….Fiddy….and Bi, I’mma need y’all to get with your Hella Huge fan bases and give me some promo. Sign some autographs, take pics with some soccer moms, hug some noonas, kiss some babies……Sumptin’. We gotta get the word out about this film. Oh and Bruce…..you “da man” and all, but….umm….I’mma need You on Jimmey Kimmel, David Letterman, Wendy Williams….ASAP. Heck, we’ll even call up Lady O….(*shout out to miss Winfrey*). I would turn into the world’s most “pimp-tastic” producer, because I would’ve had every last one them out promoting this film from every angle and every avenue available. They ALL would’ve been out walking the “promo stroll”…..but….that’s me. However, I know I don’t run anything. LOL.

    Once again, decisions were made that make absolutely NO sense from where fans (with money in their pockets mind you) are sitting. No sense whatsoever.


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