[info] You can pre-order “The Prince” (2014) on DVD or Blu-ray on Amazon.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Shipping will commence from Amazon.com on October 28, 2014.

Stay tuned for other places you can possibly find Rain’s new movie. And remember, it hits selected theaters across the country and becomes available on VOD on August 22! ^@@^

(Cap by Cloud USA. CLICK on the image below ↓ to go to Amazon.)



~ by Cloud USA on August 11, 2014.

6 Responses to “[info] You can pre-order “The Prince” (2014) on DVD or Blu-ray on Amazon.”

  1. Salut les filles
    Si vous y a pas de promo chez vous
    Alors moi je prie pour le voir en France T_T
    Parce que nous si le film ne fait pas recette au States nous pour le voir c’est Hard !!

    Comme il y a Bruce Willis j’y croie un peu .

    Car la date du 3/11 je n’y croie pas trop c’est un Lundi et en France les films sortent le mercredi , J’espère qu’il le joueront je vous tiendrai au courant , s’il y a des promos ou pas , et s’il passe au cinéma !

    Bisous de France a tous les Clouds


  2. You know, the closer the premiere date comes I find myself becoming excited. I usually keep it cool under most circumstances.

    Honestly, I just can’t wait to hear Baby Boo speak in English! (*pardon me while I “fangirl” for a moment*). We U.S. fans don’t hear him speak in English enough. That creates a “hankering” like you wouldn’t believe. (*oh and I’m being a good noona when I say that too……NOT*).



  3. Balls-y move for this movie’s producers to have “The Prince” up for pre-order, when they haven’t even promoted the damned thing.

    I haven’t seen the movie trailer played on television not once (at least not where I live)…not once. The trailer is online, yes…..but trailers played on TV every other commercial is what really gets people in the theaters. Want a summer blockbuster? Then play the trailers on TV a gazillion times. Kids see that “ish” and they bug the hell out of of mom and dad to take them to see the movie. Movie trailers for say “Guardians Of The Galaxy” got played every two seconds….so it made $94 million dollars at the box office its opening week. I’m so shocked……..NOT.

    Stephe, you asked the question where is the promotion for this film. I’d like to know the same thing. With the exception of John Cusack, I haven’t seen any of the other stars out promoting this film really. Has anyone else?

    I have my own theories about the lack of promotion but in general it’s just kind of perplexing to me.


    • Hi, BiAlamode.

      It’s totally perplexing to us too. I can’t even find a theater here in Atlanta where it will definitively be playing yet. If any at all. Crazy stuff.

      I’d love to hear your theories, though.



      • Oh it’ll be playing Terri, because it’s a Bruce Willis movie and he’s still a huge star.

        The lack of promotion……who knows. Maybe whatever studio that’s distributing The Prince only wants to full on promote specific movies on its roster. Maybe it’s because studios only want to promote heavily the movies with younger stars in starring roles as opposed to more “seasoned” stars in lead roles. Trying to appeal to teens and tweens. I don’t know if The Prince was considered a lower budget film or an independent film, but maybe it’s purely the economics of a studio’s budget for promotion. Even so, there are some celebs who would pay out of their own pockets to promote a project they really believed in. Bruce is certainly a big enough celeb (financially speaking) to make that happen. Case in point, The Expendables 3. Sylvester Stallone is promoting that movie all over the place. I haven’t even seen the trailers on TV yet, But they are overseas right now promoting that movie.

        I don’t get it.


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