[images] Rain check. (And a SangQ check, too.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Random Rain Goodness: 30 Sexy Rain posted by Cloud Hungary: Incredible RAIN on their Facebook. Nice! 🙂



As we understand it, Rain and BbaekGa sent Fabulous One SangQ flower garlands in celebration of SangQ’s new restaurant DQ Pub’s grand opening. So, cutie… seeing as you named it DQ Pub, and your dance company along with fellow choreographer and Fab One YongDuk is named DQ Agency, does that mean cutie YongDuk is also a part of this new venture? Cool. 🙂 ^@@^  (Images credit: Scorpiola Bi @Facebook)


(Per Scorpiola Bi: The greeting message by them was really funny, “SSang Kyu ar~ Repay Debt Soon!”) LOL! ^@@^

(Image credit: Kim KyuSang @Facebook. Congrats, dude! ^@@^)


(Image credit: Son YongPil @Facebook)



Oooh! Thai Clouds have Golden Tickets to the Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival in Lishui, China on 8/3.^^ (Image credit: Cloud Thailand @Facebook. Rain image credit: 56.com)


Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival Rain 2014_CUSA

~ by Cloud USA on July 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “[images] Rain check. (And a SangQ check, too.)”

  1. Congrats to SangQ. A very good investment, keep the money coming in


  2. Sweet!
    Cloud USA Thanks for sharing!


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