[article][Eng trans] Baptized, but no marriage talks.

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스타뉴스 (Star News) on Naver 7/21/2014 — by 문완식, 기자 (Mun Wan Shik, Reporter)

Baptized, but no marriage talks


“It was planed since long ago, please stop misinterpreting.”

It is true that singer and actor Rain has recently been baptized into the Roman Catholic Church, but he revealed that it has nothing to do with marriage and his girlfriend Kim Tae Hee.

A representative from Rain’s company, Cube Entertainment, revealed to Star News that, “It is true that he was baptized,” and “but it had been planned long time ago.”

The representative also said, “We would like if the false rumors and misinterpretations could stop about this being involved in marriage with Kim Tae Hee.”

The Media was informed that Rain was baptized on July 20 in the company of Kim Tae Hee and her family. The baptism was performed secretly, and it has nothing to do with marriage talks.

English translation for Cloud USA: Hyerim Kim from Hellokpop

Source article: 비측 “세례 받았지만 김태희와 결혼임박NO” 공식입장

~ by Cloud USA on July 22, 2014.

10 Responses to “[article][Eng trans] Baptized, but no marriage talks.”

  1. what religion was he before this, does anybody know, tyvm.


    • I’ve been a Cloud close to five years now and the one thing that we never get into as Clouds is Rain’s religious preference. I mean hey, there was a moment on his Rainy Day reality show a few years back that captured him saying a quick prayer over a meal (or what Looked Like a prayer). However, that was a conversation that we Clouds decided was best to shut down with a quickness. Other than that Rain has never spoken publicly about any religious preference and we as Clouds have never speculated.

      WAY TO MUCH controversy surrounds Rain just on a normal entertainment level. I think it best to not add religious preferences into the mix….IMHO. On a personal level, I know what “I” believe in and was raised to believe in and I say as long as JiHoon Jung aka Rain represents what I deem is a good person with a good heart………I’m good.


  2. I hope she didn’t force him to do it…


    • Hm. I can’t know for sure, but I highly doubt it. Rain is waaaay too strong and stubborn for that. Nobody forces Rain to do anything, much less go against his principles, certainly not in 2014. He is his own man. JMHO

      Stephe ^@@^


    • I have to agree with Stephe here. One thing Clouds know (especially if you’ve been a Cloud for a while) Jihoon Jung aka Rain does only what He Wants to do……hands down…..period. Nobody’s going to force him to do something so personal as to get baptized. Who could do that anyway? (*just asking*).


  3. Wow! The man can’t even get baptised without someone saying something. I pray for Jihoon’ s safety and happens. Lol!


  4. Sorry for the rain. It’s so obvious that his new circle is leaking information about his private life to the press. bad the new circle of friends. “sorry, Christ died for the truth”


  5. Thanks Cloud USA!
    I will always pray for Rain’s safety and happiness… 🙂


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