Special Blast from the past #228: A midsummer night’s dream in 1999.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Please enjoy this very precious Blast from waaay before Baby Boy was 비, when he was fresh-faced, bright-eyed, deep-voiced JiHun of teen K-Pop group FanClub ( 팬클럽) some fifteen years ago. In May 1999, FanClub took to the stage and had a doggone good time doing their thing on MBC TV show Music Camp. (Baby Hoonie has a little blue donut/pool floatie/inner tube attached to himself and is the third member to come on screen.^^)

Thank you, Pipi-Rain, for reminding me of this cute performance! hahaha 🙂

(Clip source credit: MBCkpop @YT.)

(Caps credit: Rainstorm)



~ by Cloud USA on July 20, 2014.

3 Responses to “Special Blast from the past #228: A midsummer night’s dream in 1999.”

  1. Wow, look at our 17 year old RainRain. Love going back and visiting the past. Thanks for sharing Stephe


  2. Jihoon looks to cute.:)


  3. Thanks Stephe! He is so cute!!!


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