[images][learning Korean] Rain check.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

A great picture of Rain, concert producer Randy Noh, diva songbird Insooni, and JYP at G.O.D.’s 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert on July 13. With Mr. Noh producing the event for the legendary group, you know it had to be good! Thumbs up! ^@@^ (Image credit: Randy Noh. Courtesy of Rain Cloud Chile.)



It is said that this is part of a storyboard/video script for a new CF that Rain is filming today. Time will tell. Let’s see what develops! 🙂 (Image credit: choreographer Nan Kim / nnnnaaanni @Instagram)



The sign inside Seoul Children’s Grand Park that identifies the Rain Forest that DC Rain Gallery (비갤러리) raised money for and planted in celebration of Rain’s 33rd birthday and 12th debut anniversary this year. Nice!^^ 🙂 (Image credit: DC Rain Gall @DC Inside)


Learning Korean: Now you know how “Jung JiHoon Tree” is spelled in Hangul (정지훈 나무, jung ji hoon na-mu).

And while we’re on the subject: Don’t get too angry at people who translate JiHoon’s last name as JEONG, because they have a good reason for doing that. That is the proper spelling in official Korean Romanization: ㅈ (J) ㅓ(eo) ㅇ(ng). In fact, his first name in Romanization is JiHun: 지 (Ji) ㅎ (h) ㅜ (u) ㄴ (n). However, and this is the important part: The official Romanization system of South Korea was criticized when it came into being because its simplicity made Korean to English translations (and vice versa) come out incorrectly. (The combination “eo” is pronounced several different ways in English, chameleon, archaeology, creole, but only one way in Korean—like our “aw.” The letter “u” is pronounced several ways in English, cute, hut, mouse, see what I mean? But it’s pronounced only one way in Korean—like our “oo” in moon. As I understand it, Rain and company adopted the alternate English spelling Jung Ji Hoon  so that there would be no question as to how we should pronounce the vowels and we could say his name correctly without a problem. That’s done a lot in South Korea these days, as you’ve probably noticed.

So, don’t be mean to folks about it. Just gently correct them with Rain’s preferred spelling (Jung JiHoon) so they’ll correct themselves and know in the future.

You know what drives me batty? The word Hangul. Because in Korean, it’s spelled 한 (han) 글 (geul), with an “eu” instead of just plain “u.” The correct sound is “eu” as well, not “u.” *sigh* See what I mean? But hey, I’m sure Koreans find the crazy rules we have in the English language just as mind-blowing. 🙂 ^@@^



~ by Cloud USA on July 16, 2014.

4 Responses to “[images][learning Korean] Rain check.”

  1. What a beautiful shot of them. Thanks for the Korean lesson, good to know. I appreciate your knowledge Stephe


  2. Thank you Cloud USA for sharing! This is so beautiful. It simply make me smile first thing in the morning. 🙂


  3. Always good to see Insooni! *SMILES*………………..


  4. Well, all I know is if I had to write or recite Anything in Korean…..oh….let’s say….to get off Survivor Island perhaps. I’d STILL be there right along with the Swiss Family Robinson AND Robinson Crusoe…….chilling. LOL.

    Asian languages are Very difficult and confusing (to me). Add to that honorifics as well. I’d probably be (unknowingly) insulting people left and right…..(*but I Meant to say Sir…..LOL*). I tell ya if it wasn’t for K-Drama’s, I wouldn’t know any Korean words at all.



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