Rain & other celebrities give back to Singapore at Marina Bay Sands


~Cloud cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

On Facebook tonight, I saw that Scorpiola (a dedicated and loyal Cloud who is, by the way, one of the best news scouts Rain has ever had) had posted information on a charitable auction where Marina Bay Sands was auctioning off an item that had once belonged to Rain.  Well, I did some digging, and this is what I discovered.

You remember the Marina Bay Sands Resort, right?  You know.  The one where Rain rang/sang in 2014 looking like a sexy beast?  See?


Oh.  Sorry.  Got a little distracted for a moment.

ANYWAY…The Marina Bay Sands is well known for being a popular hotspot for international celebrities.  Last year, however, the resort made an even greater impact on their community by hosting their first annual Sands for Singapore Festival, a charitable festival that “raised over $3.6 million dollars over one single weekend for thousands of beneficiaries” in Singapore.

One of the events included in this year’s program is a celebrity auction.  For this auction, Rain generously donated one of his MCM backpacks.  (To see Rain’s auction page, click on the image below.)

Rain's S4S auction page

Whaaaat?  You mean I could actually own something that Rain owned?  Really? And the proceeds of the sale would actually go to a worthy cause?  Really???  Even better, the bag’s a pretty-in-pink one too—simply perfect for one of Rain’s Clouds, don’t you think?

Of course, the intent here is to make a lot of money for many charitable causes, and these backpacks don’t come cheap in the first place.  So, the bidding for the bag started at $650.00.  (Ouch.)  Other stars that have donated items include:  Jackie Chan, David and Victoria Beckham, Wang Lee Hom, Sergio Aguero, and the entire cast and director of Spiderman II.

This year’s festival will take place August 1 through August 3, at Marina Bay Sands.   You can check out the online guide HERE for all of the details.   It looks like they’ve got lots of fun in store for their guests, as well as plenty of ways to contribute to your own favorite charitable causes.  Like bidding on a Rain-pre-owned MCM backpack from their celebrity auction, for example.  😛

Wishing you many Rainy days,

Terri :-}

 Sources:  News – Marina Bay Sands;  News Tip – Scorpiola, Rain Pics – mujige



~ by Cloud USA on July 11, 2014.

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