[2nd trailer][article] Yahoo Movies tells all about upcoming movie “The Prince” (2014).

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

As IMDb has already made known, Rain’s next Hollywood gig is coming to theaters across the U.S.A. on August 22.

As fugitive “JiWoo” would say, “Halleluia!”

This is the second trailer we Rain fans have seen thus far. The first one was 2 minutes long and released by Hannibal Classics for this year’s Cannes Film Festival. ^@@^

(Official HD trailer source credit: Yahoo Movies @YT.)

YAHOO! Movies 6/25/2014 — by Matt McDaniel

Bruce Willis Collides With Jason Patric and John Cusack in the First Trailer for ‘The Prince’

Not long ago, the most aggravating part of being the father of a teenage daughter was having to make nice with their loser boyfriends. These days, it seems to involve having to rescue them from gangs of armed thugs.

As we see in the first trailer for The Prince, Jason Patric finds himself in exactly such a predicament…

» You can read this article in its entirety on YAHOO! Movies HERE.

» “The Prince” (2014) page on YAHOO! Movies.


~ by Cloud USA on June 26, 2014.

6 Responses to “[2nd trailer][article] Yahoo Movies tells all about upcoming movie “The Prince” (2014).”

  1. Remember, ladies, his is a very small part. Smaller parts don’t get top billing. We aren’t even sure how much screen time Rain will have in this thing.

    That being said, I’m sure he made the most of what screen time he got. I mean just look at him in that still from the trailer. Willis is a dynamic actor, and yet Rain is totally upstaging him just by standing there and looking menacing. LOL.

    I just can’t wait to see this film and watch him work it.

    Terri :-}


    • People become “passionate” about Bi, unrealistically sometimes IMHO. I try to never lose sight of what’s real. Even if it “kills” me. SMILES.

      Just like everybody else, I would love to see him featured more prominently too. However, make no mistake this is a Bruce Willis movie and Bruce is considered the star of this production. No disrespect to the other actors and there Are some other heavy hitters in the film in their own right as well.

      What Clouds gotta realize is Rain is still a relative unknown over here in the U.S., as far as the mainstream goes. He’s got a way to go before Americans know him on a more widespread basis. It doesn’t take away from his shine in Asia, but it just is what it is over here. Until Bi gets or is a part of another huge box office pay day (huge by U.S. box office standards), he will not get top billing in U.S. productions.

      But hey Honey Love, you get top billing in my world baby! Yes, indeed.


  2. Love Bruce Willis; :Love RainRain


  3. I’m SO excited to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I would like to see a LOT more Rain in this trailer. Oh yeah..and mention of his name. 😉


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