[images][fan cam][clip] Rain check. (And some RRG.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Random Rain Goodness. (Image source: rainstorm)






Oh lawd — after seeing these caps, I’ve GOT to watch the fan cam from this 2003 “Bad Guy” performance, with a touch of Tone Loc. Rain’s body was all over the place but his hat never moved an inch! 😀 (Fan cam credit: lee9920)


One of the most beautiful images to come out of Rain’s time at the 17th Shanghai International Film Fest. Just gorgeous (that goes for you too, Liu Yifei!^^). (Image credited as tagged)



Rain made some ladies very happy the day of the Chengdu Automotive Music Festival on 6/15. (Images credit: 况崽况崽)




Attention all 9th Clouds across the planet! If you haven’t noticed already, membership cards started going in the mail back on June 13, so be on the lookout for yours! 🙂 (Images credited as tagged)





Rain on an OBS News segment about stars and their airport fashion. (6/20 OBS clip courtesy of ratoka)

~ by Cloud USA on June 24, 2014.

One Response to “[images][fan cam][clip] Rain check. (And some RRG.)”

  1. yes rain is very gorgeous i wish i was the girl in the picture


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