Chinese Survey Lists Rain as one of South Korea’s “Cultural Icons”


~Cloud cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

Hello, Clouds!  Terri here.  Long time no see!  Well, at least here on the blog, anyway.  I see you everywhere else, don’t I?  So, maybe you haven’t missed me all that much, eh?  😛

Still, it is seldom that I get to write on the blog these days.  So, since Stephe is tied up with her grandson today (not literally, I hope, but you never know, right?), I tip-toed on over here to share some news with you that we missed while I was busy working and Stephe was under the weather.

Back on June 11th, The Cloud’s Overseas Fan Coordinator, Heidi, posted the following message on The Cloud’s English Talk board:

“A Chinese organization conducted a random cultural survey of 5 countries, one of which is Korea.  It collected interesting cultural data and compiled the top 20 cultural icons of each country.  Using Year 2000 as a dividing line, the blue icons were those that appeared before Year 2000, the red ones were those that appeared after.

There are 3 celebrity names that appeared on the top 20 Korean cultural icon [list]:  RAIN, Park Ji Song, Kim Yuna

p.s. The survey was done between March to May, 2014.”

My immediate response was, “Well, of COURSE, he’s a cultural icon.”  We’ve known that all along, haven’t we Clouds?

Thank you, Heidi, for this wonderful news.

Terri :-}

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~ by Cloud USA on June 23, 2014.

One Response to “Chinese Survey Lists Rain as one of South Korea’s “Cultural Icons””

  1. Yes we do Terri. RainRain is the man and is well loved. Thanks for sharing


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