[images][Insta cam] Rain check. (In Shanghai for the SIFF, and other goodies.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

I-Qiyi (爱奇艺娱乐) posted images of Rain, actor Song SeungHeon, ,Yue-Sai Kan (Chairwoman for the Invitation Committee of the SIFF), and actress/film activist Gong Li at a Shanghai International Film Festival shindig (held at Yue-Sai Kan’s home) on their official Weibo on 6/13. Powerstar Top 10 (明星权力榜) followed their lead and posted images on their Weibo, too. Very cool. 🙂 ^@@^ (Images credit: I-Qiyi / 爱奇艺娱乐. Powerstar Top 10 / 明星权力榜. Evensoso / 王萝卜王萝卜. Jinye / 叶子金. All @weibo as tagged.)




Well, when in Rome… 🙂

The official Chinese Entertainment Reports micro-blog included this image of Rain in its post on scene at the SIFF party at Chairwoman Kan’s home yesterday. The post was about actress Gong Li and her work in promoting Chinese films all over the world. ^@@^ (Image credit: 中国娱乐报道官微 / Chinese Entertainment Reports @weibo)


Rain and a colleague, actor Song SeungHeon, in Shanghai on 6/13, leaving after a late dinner at 御宝轩(Imperial Treasure). ^@@^ (Images credit: FLORAleeminho @weibo)




More Roots of Dew/Difficult Love movie promotions by 阿里-娱乐宝 (Ali-Entertainment Treasure) on their Weibo. How can anyone resist wanting to see this movie? ♥ 🙂 ^@@^



Insta cam: Rain at the Yeosu Expo’s Big O venue on 6/8. Everybody sing a song! 🙂 ^@@^


~ by Cloud USA on June 14, 2014.

One Response to “[images][Insta cam] Rain check. (In Shanghai for the SIFF, and other goodies.)”

  1. wow, Rain has so distinctive aura that doesn’t distract me to the other good looking man… 2 very handsome men and 2 beautiful ladies,, nice photo and love the video, wonderful to see dancing Rain always,,
    staffs at Cloud USA
    thank you for all your preparation in perfect order for us to be able to get information easy and clear and your notes are down to earth entertaining and encouraging


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