[images] Rain check. (About town in China, and the Rain Effect Taiwan album.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Chinese-American Yue-Sai Kan (靳羽西, the lady in this picture) wears many hats! She is the brand founder of Yue-Sai Cosmetics (China’s leading cosmetics company), the National Director of Miss Universe China, Chairman of the Invitation Committee of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Honorary Vice Chairman of L’Oréal China cosmetics, an Emmy-winning television host, producer, author of seven best-selling books, a fashion icon, and world-known humanitarian.

She’s the one who threw the big pre-SIFF event/shindig yesterday at her home (on 6/13), and here she is with Rain and Hollywood veteran actor Hugh Grant, on her Weibo. S-w-e-e-t shot! Thanks for sharing, Ms. Kan! 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: Yue-Sai Kan / 靳羽西)



Another image of Rain at Chairwoman Yue-Sai Kan’s 17th SIFF get-together on June 13. ^@@^ (Image credit: Leo爱Lea @weibo)



Aww, how cute! Fan Yinny馨 posted an image with her and Rain at the Hunan TV Happy Camp recording back in early March, and gives Rain early Happy Birthday wishes. 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: Yinny馨 @weibo)



Images of Rain in Shanghai today… I think that, in the ones with the hat (6/15), he was on his way to the airport to fly to Chengdu for the Automotive Music Festival there. ^@@^ (Images credit: 乖乖阿琳琳 / summerlinn)





SherrySSS has shared pictures of her Rain Effect Limited Taiwan Edition album.



~ by Cloud USA on June 14, 2014.

One Response to “[images] Rain check. (About town in China, and the Rain Effect Taiwan album.)”

  1. Rain is one handsome Superman.. !


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