[clip][article] BbaekGa and Rain: They’ll be friends forever, don’t forget! :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Capture from the time Rain and BbaekGa were in the NYC for Rain’s H&M/Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. BbaekGa was the official photographer.

BbaekGa is always cracking us up with his silly self! Keke~

According to an article on Innolife, he was on 퀴즈쇼 사총사 (Quiz Show Four Musketeers) on KBS2 on June 8, and made everybody laugh by saying he and Rain are such good friends, they call each other “sweetheart.” (I can just hear it now —여보! Yeobo! Sweetie! LOL!) And when the host asked, “What do you call Rain’s girlfriend Kim TaeHee?”, he replied, “The goddess.”

You’re a good BFF and a ton of fun, BbaekGa. 🙂 ♥

Looks like the show was showing some of BbaekGa’s professional photography work (that’s right, he’s not just a K-Pop star, but a world class photographer). The writeup also quoted BbaekGa as saying his ideal woman would have donkey ears, deep dark circles [under her eyes], and braces. LOL Gotta love him. 🙂

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(Clip courtesy of ratoka)



Image credit: KBS2 Quiz Show Four Musketeers.

Innolife.com 6/7/2014—

PPaek-ga: Nickname for Rain ‘sweetheart,’ Kim Tae-Hee ‘the goddess’

While looking at the pictures of himself working together with Rain, on recently progressed KBS2 ‘Quiz Show Four Musketters,’ he announced that he is best friends with him calling each other ‘sweetheart.’ To this, MC Kim Joon-Ho asked “what do you call Rain’s lover Kim Tae-Hee” and he answered “the goddess.”

Also, to the question of asking about Ppaek-ga’s ideal type, he answered distinctively by saying “a woman with donkey ears, deep dark circle and braces.”

Ppaek-ga’s episode will be released on the 8th on KBS2.


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One Response to “[clip][article] BbaekGa and Rain: They’ll be friends forever, don’t forget! :)”

  1. LOL. My nephew said BbaekGa was a really nice guy. All of the guys he met were. That was extremely nice to hear. (Even though I was really irritated that I didn’t have enough energy to go and meet him myself.)

    Terri :-}


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