[info][from Dot] Cloud USA’s Birthday Wishes Cake for Rain.


JJH_MessageCake2Hello, Cloud sisters (and brothers, if you’re out there!). This is Dot, Cloud USA’s Activities Director.

It’s that time of year again, less than a month to RAIN’s Birthday (June 25)… YAY!!! Stephe and Terri asked me if I had any ideas for a birthday project, and one instantly popped into my head.

I recently saw a photo of a “money cake” (← see the picture example to your left), where each individual bill is rolled and they’re all stacked together to create the “layers” of the cake. So, I thought instead of money (because he’s got lots already) how about individual messages from his Clouds? Cloud messages, each the exact same size, rolled up and tied together with ribbon. (Black and silver would be best, I think.)

So, that’s the plan!

If you want to participate and have your birthday wishes to Rain as part of our “cake”, please make your personal message or special quote to fit a 2.75 inches by 6 inches sized piece of paper. Below ( ↓ ) is a blank template, and some examples of what can be done. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you like.





BUT WAIT! Not feeling crafty, or in a rush? No problem. Send me your message OR post your message in this thread, and I’ll make one up for you using a simple background and a nice font. REMEMBER to add your name and location (and maybe your phone number because you never know 😛 hee hee *just kidding!*) in the message so Rain knows where it comes from. Want to say more? No problem. Send multiple messages and they will be included. The more the merrier!

I will print everything on photo paper to get the best results.

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it: WHAT: Send me a message or up to 10 different messages all wishing Jung JiHoon a wonderful birthday.

WHO: Anyone in our extended community here or overseas, no matter your location.

WHERE: Email those images or personal messages to dotk@cloudusa.org. If you’re not very crafty, never fear, leave the messages you’d like me to make for you in the thread under this post.

DEADLINE: June 19, 2014

Once I have everything done, I’ll take a bunch of pictures of our finished creation and maybe even a little video showing all the messages that are in the cake, before shipping it off to RAINY Entertainment and hopefully into Rain’s hands.

Okay, everybody, let’s get on the ball. We’ve got a 30 Sexy world star with a birthday coming up, and no time to waste!

Thanks. 🙂

— Dot @CloudUSA.org

@I_am_Dulcie (Twitter)

~ by Cloud USA on June 4, 2014.

41 Responses to “[info][from Dot] Cloud USA’s Birthday Wishes Cake for Rain.”

  1. I am so excited. Great job everyone!


  2. Okay just an update on the last day. To date I have received approximately 90 messages both predone ones and requested messages. I have about 25 or so more to do this weekend.

    Continue to send until I leave a message here saying am “Making the Cake”

    Everyone cross their fingers this turns out as cool as the one in the picture above. Oh just as a side not I cake of that size (in the picture above) holds about $195 bills (messages) so our won’t be as large probably just two tiers. I have some ideas to give it a little glitz. Please check back in a week or so for the finished products. (as long as life doesn’t get in the way)

    THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS PARTICIPATED I have been so pleased with the number of contributions. {{{{HUGS}}}} to everyone.



      I’ve just found out that one of our clouds has tried to send me her message a couple times and I haven’t received it.

      IF I HAVEN’T REPLIED TO YOU TO CONFIRM THAT I RECEIVED YOUR MESSAGE PLEASE LEAVE ME A MESSAGE HERE TO LET ME KNOW and I’ll give you my alternate address to try to send it too. I hope it’s only just the one cloud I would hate to think I’ve missed people. T_T


  3. Dot, I hv just sent you the birthday message by email. Thanks elfyn


  4. I sent my messages to the email address!!


  5. You are awesome Dot !


  6. Dot,

    I just sent you my message. I can’t wait to see the slideshow!

    Terri :-}


  7. Wonderful, just got back from vacation. I will send you mine soon thank you Dot, Stephe and Terri


  8. What a sweet idea! ❤ `


  9. I received contributions from Jenny and Odette this morning, thank you Ladies for participating. I will work hard on your’s and everyone’s messages. 😀


  10. Can we send messages in spanish? Or inly in english?


    • I don’t mind if some messages are in Spanish. It’s okay with me… 🙂 Rain can practice two languages as he reads the messages, then.

      Terri, what do you think? Dot, are you comfortable with that?

      Stephe ^@@^


      • I have no problem with them in any language. If you are sending me the message to make, then as long as I can cut and paste the text from the email I can easily add the text to the birthday wishes. 😀


      • Waiting for your comments. And thanks for sharing your project to the rest of Clouds


        • I did reply, spanish or any other language is fine as long as I can cut and paste it onto the graphic.

          BUT if you could give me an idea of the content so I can match the background to it that would help.

          Can’t wait to see what you send. 🙂


  11. I also got an email from LIZ from Missouri, she sent me messages to make too.

    I’ve got my creative juices flowing, I spent a couple hours downloading appropriate backgrounds to use for the messages people have requested I make. I hope everyone will like them.



  12. This is a very unique and awesome idea. I will send it in soon. Thank you for doing this.


    • EXCELLENT thank you tonicny, I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm!!!


  13. What a super idea, Dot!

    I’ll work on my message(s) this weekend while I’m off work. Thank you for your leadership. ♥

    Terri :-}


  14. may GOD BLESS you to have many more birthdays. Stay smooth and
    sexy! if i could get to where you are iwould definitely come.


    • Harriet, thank you for participating. I will do my best to do your message justice. If you want to me to do more just post here or email me at dotk@cloudusa.org.


    • Harriet where are you from? If you’re willing to share, town state or country any or all of them. Or none of course 🙂


      • dulcie sorry about that i am from district heights, maryland usa
        also, i hope rain makes more smooth and sexy songs with the moves
        to match.


  15. I sent mine to you Dot. I will be out of town the next week and a half and I wouldn’t have made the deadline. Hope they work!



  16. We’ve had our first 3 contributors to our Project. THANK YOU Мария Семёнова, LaLaPluie and BiAlamode for participating. 😀


  17. Happy Birthday to my first Kpop Bias, Lot’s of Love Rain and have a Wonderful Day!


    • |Christina, I’m guessing this is your birthday message to RAIN. I’ll be happy to make a message for you. If you’d like to do more post again or email me at dotk@cloudusa.org. Thank You for Participating!!!


    • Christina, can I have your town or state or country or any combination there of please???


  18. Great idea, Dotsie. I’ll participate for sure!!



  19. […] [info][from Dot] Cloud USA’s Birthday Wishes Cake for Rain.. […]


  20. OOOOOOHHHH I’m so excited, my very first project!!!! I can’t wait to start getting your messages. Have Fun Ladies let’s show RAIN just how much we love and appreciate him. I know I’m going to have fun making mine.


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