[articles] What’s up with CUBE Entertainment.

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SOOMPI News 5/29/2014 — by Sylphid


Image credit: Cube Entertainment / SOOMPI.

G.NA Shows off Her Candid and Playful Side in First Episode of United Cube TV

Cube Entertainment has recently revealed the first episode of United Cube TV through their YouTube channel.

Subtitled in English, a new episode is expected to be released every week.

G.NA is featured in the first episode as she is approached to be the host and must come up with ideas for the show.

She talks about how she is different when speaking Korean and English. “Since I am not fluent in Korea, I try to act cute to cover my mistakes… When I speak in English, it’s less cute.”

During the episode she goes on to call 4Minute‘s Jihyun, BEAST‘s Junhyung and BTOB‘s Changsub to ask them to appear on the show.

Watch the first episode below!

For future episodes, we will see other Cube Entertainment artists such as 4Minute, Beast, BTOB, Kim Kiri, Oh Yeri, Na Jongchang, and Cho Seoha, along with Cube DC artists Rain, Roh Jihoon, Shin Jihoon, and Kwak Seungnam. Sadly, it seems like A Cube artists A Pink and Huh Gak will not be a part of the new show.

Koreaboo 5/29/2014 —

Cube Entertainment merges with iHQ; lists company on KOSDAQ


Cube Entertainment, the company in charge of 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, BTOB, and Rain, will now be listed on the Korean stock exchange.

Last year, Cube Entertainment made a strategic alliance with iHQ, one of the leading entertainment management agencies in Korea. They have announced today that they will officially merge the two companies and will now list Cube Entertainment stocks on KOSDAQ, which they hope will help expand their company globally.

Park Choongmin, the CEO of Cube Entertainment, stated, “To adapt to the changing entertainment business, we have decided on the merger to help the company grow. By allowing Cube to enter the stock exchange, Cube will be able to soon have a place between global businesses like Samsung and LG.”

Founded in 2006, Cube Entertainment, along with SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment, are being called the “KPOP’s 4 Biggest Global Brands”.

As the Hallyu crazy has been spreading throughout the world, more and more attention has been focused on these companies to see how they will continue to expand their businesses globally.

Source: StarNews

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  1. Wow, so much going on with CUBE, thanks for the update Stephe


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