[images][posts abound] Rain check: Making new friends in China. (And in Korea, too.)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

This very pretty SZTV Generation Show personality 妖精复苏 jumped on the bandwagon and made doggone sure to post a picture of herself and Rain, from last month’s show prerecording, and welcome him properly on her Weibo. Gosh, what a gorgeous picture of Rain… AS USUAL. *sigh* *googly eyes* ^^ 😉 ^@@^ (Image credit: 妖精复苏 @weibo)




WOW! EE-Media posted pictures of Ma Xueyang MARS (of Chinese pop group Top Combine) on its micro-blog today, and one of the pics was with Rain back during the SZTV Generation Show recording on 4/19. Ma Xueyang himself posted the same pics on his micro-blog as well. The last time we saw members of Top Combine was waaaay back in March 2011, when Rain met them in Shanghai during his BEST Rain Asia Tour. Sooo cool. 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: 天娱传媒 [EE-Media] @weibo / 至上励合_马雪阳MARS @weibo)



Diva, actress, and Hong Kong MC Liza Wang posted images of herself and Rain at the SZTV Generation Show recording. Wow. Rain certainly does clean up well! (no surprise there) 🙂 ^@@^ (Images credit: 汪明荃liza @weibo)



Even the host of SZTV’s Generation Show couldn’t help weibo’ing a little somethin-somethin from the prerecording with himself and Rain. I think it’s safe to say that China lurves Jung JiHoon, for sure. 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: 主持人脸脸 @weibo)




UNCONFIRMED: According to this page on damai.cn that’s dedicated to Jackie Chan’s upcoming “A Career of 100 Films” concert slated for August 2 in Shenzhen, China, Rain, Super Junior-M, Rainbow, and a slew of additional artists will attend this event. Not too hard to believe, seeing as Rain and Jackie are pretty good friends. ^@@^ (Poster credit: http://item.damai.cn/66829.html)



UNCONFIRMED: Remember this unknown poster that popped up last month? Well, the Europe-China Cultural Development Co. Ltd.’s official Star micro-blog posted it on their Weibo back on the 10th. It’s advertising a joint show called the 中国梦•金华情演唱会 (China Dream • Jinhua Love Concert), slated for July 1. ^@@^ (Poster credit: 中欧星光文化 [China Europe Stars and Culture] @weibo)




Fans of Chinese-American actor, singer, and martial artist Andy On posted this pic of Andy, Rain, and a pretty lady. Looks very recent, though the location wasn’t specified. Handsome photo! Trivia: Andy was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and speaks English, Mandarin, and some Cantonese. ^@@^ (Images source: Andy On’s Russian fan page @vk.com)



Rain about town: Rain Effect Showcase in Guangzhou (China) advertisements. ^@@^ (Images credit: LizSSS @weibo)




And by the way… there’s gonna be an after-showcase party in Guangzhou. Cue the fireworks! ^@@^ (Poster source: 96player)

» LINK: RE Guangzhou after party MV, on Yukou. (Source: FaceSZ)



More MENtholatum Rain on Mentholatum China’s micro-blog, on 5/9 and 5/14, in connection with the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Brazil. ^@@^ (Images credit: mentholatum001 @weibo)





Speaking of RAINtholatum… his Icy Charcoal Face Wash ads are not only in TV spots and in the subways, but in the Hong Kong Metro newspaper too. Gotta love it. 🙂 ^@@^ (Image credit: OWL-TV2XQ @weibo)



My one entry out of Korea this go-round… 🙂

P-Bro Sound, the record label who represents Rapercussion (awesome percussionist leader Zion Luz and drummer Recto Luz in Rain’s “LA Song” music video), shared on its Naver blog some behind the scenes pictures from when the music video was filmed. ^@@^ (Images credit: pbrosound @Naver)


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