[images] Rain with Roots of Dew/LuShuiHongYan/Difficult Love castmate in Shanghai. (4/26)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

» You can revisit preliminary information about Roots of Dew HERE in my previous post.

Chinese actor and Roots of Dew movie castmate 李彦希一一大春 (Li Jichun, also known as Liang Dachun) posted a picture of himself and Rain on set on his Weibo over the weekend. As far as I can tell, he considers Rain a brother and hopes they work on another project in the future, and that he can match Rain’s caliber of quality in that work. Which seems entirely possible to me because, looking at Mr. Li’s résumé, he’s acted in no less than 12 Chinese dramas/movies since 2006 and the last TV series, called Three Kingdoms (where he played Prince Cao), has made $133 million USD domestically and internationally. Wow.

Thanks for sharing your picture with all of Rain’s fans, Mr. Li!^^ — S. ^@@^

(Images credit: 李彦希一一大春 @weibo [Li Jichun’s Weibo])



As I understand it… this picture of Rain and movie crew was shared by a fan. (Image credit: Si_小思 @weibo)



As I understand it… a staffer. (Image credit: Nickole_Lin @weibo. Note: Looks like she might have taken the picture down, unless I missed it. Hope everything was okay between her and fans… ^@@^)


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